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Loki Helsi is the son of Itachi Lykoi and China Rose Lykoi, who died in childbirth. Siv Helsi raised him as her own, and Loki quickly chose to idolize his witch-mother over others. Fed on the ideals of secrecy and lies, he was shaped into a loyal member of the Thistle Kingdom at a young age, unquestioning in his faith -- though secretly afraid of being seen as evil.

A trickster and yet benevolent, unique among the thorns of his pack, Loki quickly became a prominent member of Salsola. He began to identify almost equally with the female gender as the male following a vision that led him to become a witch. In seeking to further find his place near the top of the hierarchy, he accepted his best friend Artemisia Eternity's proposition of mateship and sired Quicksilver Lykoi and Hel Eternity. However, the pair grew distant and became the first mates in Salsola to divorce. Suddenly a shamed single father, Loki nonetheless held his rank as the first Faction member -- the Bard.

Following his "mother" Siv's death after the red star fell, Loki changed his surname to connect himself more strongly to his magic. After a grieving period, he began to seek a new path, guided by his spirituality and his mothers' memories. The summer after Siv's death, at her funeral rites, Loki donned the Crone's cloak in a symbolic and daring proclamation. His ascent was formally announced at the Last Supper, at which he blessed his sister's union -- with deadly results.
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