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Due to recent events, Lilith's left forearm was cut at the elbow, resulting in a stump. It is now healed enough for her to move around, but she has none of her original strength back yet.

Lilith has long blonde fur with off white paws and a light brown stripe that runs down her back to the tip of her tail. She also has some lighter brown fur inside her ears, and brown eyes. She looks a bit more like a husky than a German Shepard, though her markings are of a Shepard.


Lilith stands at 5 ft 8in while in this form, and wears two red scarves, one around her head and one around her waist. She has sharper canines then normal, so they poke out at all times. She prefers this form because she finds it more enjoyable to walk on two feet instead of four. She wears the scarves out of habit from her sailing days, they were also a gift from her former lover.

Lilith stands at 2ft 5in(at the shoulder) when in this form. She ties both her scarves around her neck before shifting so that they will stay in place. Though she prefers not to be in this form, she will shift into it for hunts or if otherwise necessary. Sometimes she will choose this form to make traveling go faster or easier, depending on the situation.

Lilith recently found a lost canine, and has taken her to her home.

Ariana looks like a Australian Shepherd, being brown with white markings. She is just turning 11 or 12, entering her preteen stage.
Lilith is a rather cheerful person by nature, and seems to always be moving around. You can never tell what she is thinking since she seems to always be smiling, or what she may do next. She follows what her heart tells her to do, and she follows the winds. However, she was not always like this. She used to be a mild dog, who would do what she was told. She also used to be more deliberate in her actions, fretting over every detail to make sure she was making the right choice. Sometimes this more thoughtful aspect of her will show, but it is very rare.
If angered, she can hold a fighting match with the offensive party until someone stops her. If cheated, she will hold a grudge against you for life if you don't remedy the solution to her satisfaction.
She especially dislikes those who break the rules-she may be chaotic neutral, but there are lines even she won't cross. If she happens to see someone doing so, she will tell someone of higher standing, or take care of the problem herself.
Even if her mood does shift from her usual cheerfulness, it will shift back in a short amount of time.
Lilith came to Canada fairly recently, traveling from America. She used to live with a small pack of wild dogs, who roamed the country quite peacefully. Until it was found out that Lilith couldn't have pups, then they outcast her. She wandered alone for quite some time, and met her first Luperci. She instantly fell in love with the other female, and eventually talked the other into turning her, so that they could live together more easily. The two traveled together for a year, the other teaching her how to sail.
Sailing was her second love, and for a time they were at peace gathering a small crew. It was not to stay this way, a hurricane came as they were on the waters, wrecking their ship the Fairbreeze Lilith was the only survivor, and barely at that. Once finding out that both her lover and the ship were gone, something snapped within her, changing her forever. After healing she headed towards Canada, where she had heard a decent group of Luperci lived, taking on the last name Fairbreeze as a memento of her past, and in honor of her deceased lover. Now in Canada, she searches for the pack that is right for her.
Sakura (half sister*they don't know they are related*)
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