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Bael Lignarius (NPC)
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Low-content Wolfdog Ortus
Bear is a low content wolf dog, where less than ten percent of his heritage is wolf and the rest is a mixture of large dog species. Overall, Bear is a massive male with a powerful musculature and a strong, firm body. He towers over most other Luperci's, whether in Optime, Lupus, or Secui form. In all forms, he has very thick, fluffy fur that flows around him and gives him an even bigger appearance. It's soft and downy to the touch, and he doesn't shed. His fur is cream coloured, with a dark blackish saddle that extends down his back and onto the back of his tail. His underfur is just a shade lighter than the rest of him, and if you part his upper coat it becomes much lighter in colour, almost white. His face and muzzle are tinted with a light red, most noticeably on the bridge of his nose. His ears have a light black tint to them, and his eyes are a kindly shade of brown, and are a small, round, sweet shape.

When in Lupus form, he looks almost completely dog. The only wolf you can see in him in this form is in the black saddle, and in the way he holds his tail. Without all the fur around his ears, they would also betray his wolf heritage. He has large, fluffy paws, and is most fluffy around his ears, neck, tail, stomach, and back of legs. He moves with a great, lumbering gait, sort of rolling from side to side. His eyes tend to be lidded slightly, giving him a lazy, sleepy look.

Bear's Secui form looks quite similar to his Lupus form, as most of his musculature is hidden by his fur. His size increases, and his legs become longer. The fur around his nape and neck becomes longer.

The Optime form is his favoured form, and when in it he is both tall and muscular, as in his other forms. He's not extraordinarily brawny, but he has thick limbs with a sizable layer of muscle. His chest isn't too broad, and most of his muscle is in his shoulders and arms. Since most of him is covered in fur, he doesn't really have distinct "hair," as it's known. The fur on his head is a bit longer, and just sort of flows a bit thicker than everywhere else. Bear's expression is usually thoughtful and calm, and he usually appears quite lazy.
He's not particularly fond of clothing, as it's hard to find clothes that fit him, but he'll occasionally sew himself a loose tunic-like shirt, and some sacky trousers.
Though it's not obsessive, Bear is a smoker, and is often seen with a cigarette in his mouth when he's working.
For the most part, Bear is a quiet male who prefers to listen, rather than speak. Not that he has nothing to say, of course – he's just less inclined to share his thoughts unless they're need or particularly interesting. He tends not to be much of a deep thinker, and doesn't like to question things; preferring to use reason and logic to see the world. His intelligence is more like wisdom, and he gives good advice. As reserved as he is, it is rare to find him without a smile on his face, and he is quick to give a hearty, deep laugh. Hard working and loyal, the cream-coloured brute is not unaccustomed to working long hours and finds a simple pleasure in working with his hands. He's almost always doing something with his hands, even when he's not working – he's playing around with twigs, or fingering a smooth stone, or weaving grass together. On hot days, it would not be unusual to find the large wolfdog splashing in the water and making everyone else in the area soaked to the bone. He enjoys having a good time with other packmates, even if he doesn't say much, he greatly enjoys companionship, and closeness with other living creatures. Bear falls neatly into place within the pack structure, as he is neither overly dominant nor completely submissive. He's not afraid to step up and be assertive, if he needs to, but never without reason. His alignment is Neutral Good.
Bear was born and raised in Freetown. His family was a small one that worked as builders within the city. Growing up, he was trained in the same profession as his father and older brother, and often accompanied them while they worked to rebuild or create simple structures for the canines that inhabited the city. As he grew, he became quite adept at several things, including smithing, carpentry, and sewing/weaving. However, the fact was that Freetown had a small population, and the presence of Bear's already-skilled father and brother made his skills less valued. After growing to the age of 16 months, he bid his small family farewell and hit the road, making for Nova Scotia in the hopes of starting his own family and finding a place with less competition. The journey took him a good while, and occasionally he would hitchhike on caravans, or he would do work to get food, or temporary shelter.

Finally, after a long time of traveling on foot, Bear reached the Nova Scotia area. Unsure of what to do at first, the immense wolfdog lived off the land and wandered, occasionally encountering other loners or members of the packs. He offered his skills when he could, even if it was just heavy lifting due to his great size. After living this way for a month or two, and after gathering enough information about the packs of 'Souls, he made his way towards Anathema, his chosen pack. He didn't have a particularly dark past, but none of the other packs suited him, and he had a soft spot in his heart for dark, forgotten things. Currently, he resides there – honing his skill further and still searching for something more in his life.
He has a father and a brother back in Freetown, names or current status are unknown.
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