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It was the view that had drawn Fallen in. The artist in him couldn't help but to remain overnight in such a barren landscape just to be able to see the sun rise. The sun had been too low in the sky to do the drawing that he had wished to do when he had first arrived in the area. All he had managed was to place down a few lines on his map before the light was no longer any good to try and create by. But the pillars of rock out in the middle of the water had begged him to stay so that they could be properly recorded.

And stay he had. His companions entertained themselves in their own ways as the male drew by the light of the ascending sphere in the sky. Lady Elias, his mare, spent her time munching on the tough grasses that had sprouted up along the shoreline. Acel, the pine martin, was less active and had chosen to rest atop the horse's back. Acel was curled up and still trying to sleep. The sway of the mare's body when she moved lulled him to continue his nap.

Fallen sat with his knees up and his pad of paper propped against them. He had a charcoal pencil held in his bandage wrapped fingers and he was creating long lines upon the paper. He glanced between the scenic view and the depiction of it that he was working on. He only worked in black and white so there was no conveying the colors that bled across the sky from the sunrise but the male fully believed that there could still be beauty even without color.

Art by Kitty


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Hey there! Hope you don't mind me throwing Rowtag at you. I notice that you posted a joiner thread in Sapient, so it would be cool if Rowtag interacted with him before! Rowtag himself was more recently accepted into Sapient as well :)


The slim coydog picked his way through the barren landscape, nothing but a satchel thumping rhythmically at his side and a small stretched canvas in his hands. Of course, if one took the time to observe what was inside the satchel, they would see that Rowtag was more prepared for the day long trek in the neutral territories than initially believed. Glass vials of every shape and color lay against each other, emitting a gentle clinking noise as they collided. Some contained various herbs and flowers, some were empty. Some, however, held paints, filled with viscous liquid of almost every hue imaginable. Other various tools of a tattooist’s trade, such as needles and jewelry, were strewn about as well.

A black feline walked a distance behind the coydog. Though she explored many detours and hidden paths that Rowtag did not, she remained close enough to smell the scent of coyote on his fur. Sitala was never far from where Rowtag was, and today she made sure to keep him in her line of sight, although not necessarily where the coydog could see her in return. This behavior was not unusual, however, and Rowtag lacked concern.

Rowtag hummed along as he walked languidly towards the shoreline. He had arrived at peak time to paint the brilliant colors of the sunrise this early morning. Rowtag sighed in content as he observed the parade of pastel hues streaked across the sky. That backdrop, combined with the rocky formations jutting from the water, would make for a stunning landscape.

It seemed that another male had the same idea, for he was already sitting cross-legged with a pad of paper across his lap. Drawing closer, Rowtag observed that the stranger choose to work in charcoal. It was a curious thing to be drawing such a splendid array of colors in black and white.

Rowtag caught the scent of a mix of other animals, well close enough that he presumed that they were the stranger’s own companions. His back was turned to Rowtag so that the coydog couldn’t really depict any identifiable features, however as he was a loner Rowtag assumed that it was safe to presume that the two had not crossed paths before.

”Beautiful landscape, is it not?” Rowtag spoke in his timid voice as he approached the male as to not startle him ”It’s curious that you choose to draw it in black and white.”

”Do you mind if I join you?” Rowtag asked in a shy manner, standing off to the side as he awaited for the other male’s response.
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