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Optime | Backdated: December 31st | Dampwoods, Evening | NPC: Argona & Apollo (+631)

Up near the Halcyon Mountains area! Backdated so it wouldn’t conflict with the Boreas Conflict II!

Since the girls’ last incident, Teagan hadn’t left the pack as often as she used to. She’d been feeling rather restless the day before though, and had decided to do a bit of traveling. If anyone had questioned her about it though, her excuse would have been that she had felt the need to give her stallion, Apollo, some exercise. She’d packed a daypack with her, and had filled it with essentials such as flint stones, dried meat, and a few thick blankets on the off chance she got stuck somewhere. A few other items had been thrown in the mix as well for “just-in-case” purposes.

The girl, the horse, and the bird had meandered in the great expanse between Casa di Cavalieri and the Halcyon Mountains, moving neither here nor there. The purpose had simply been to see what could be seen, to familiarize oneself with the land’s appearance covered in snow as well as they knew it without. As well, it was a good bonding trip for the trio. They had traveled quite a ways north of Casa di Cavalieri before sun had started its slow dip below the horizon.

When the world had become swathed in warm shades of yellows, oranges, and reds, Teagan had steered her companions into an area that looked like a relatively safe place to bed down for the night. There had been not a sniff of any other notable predator that had gone through the area, and the thick, tall fir trees provided enough protection from the elements should a freak storm blow in. The rocky outcrop also provided a solid wall of sorts that they could put their back to.

Teagan loosened the straps on Apollo’s saddle so that the horse could bear it comfortably, and removed her bag that had been attached to him as well. The wolfdog had cleared out a bit of the snow so that the two land-bound individuals could rest a little easier. The daypack had been put up next to the rocks to keep it off to the ground. Sticks for a fire had been gathered next with the help of Agrona, and they had been piled neatly in the middle of the group’s temporary camp. Teagan gave her quick work a once over, nodding approvingly. For the time being, it would all do.

She looked up to the branches above. “Agrona,” she beckoned as she removed her cloak.

The falcon flew down a few branches, offering a shrilling cry. “Yes?”

With the cloak removed, Teagan folded it neatly and placed it on a rock near her pack. Her gloves, belt, and sword were taken off next. “I’m going to go hunt us down some dinner, can you watch things here?”

“Can,” Agrona confirmed before she cocked her head at her partner’s words. “You hunt?”

Teagan nodded, beginning to pull her tunic over her head as well. “You got us lunch. I’ll get dinner,” she stated nonchalantly as she tugged the material the rest of the way. When she was free of it, she shook out her fur. A noticeable, cold draft to quickly ghosted over her warm fur as it was exposed to the winter elements.

Her feathered companion seemed unconvinced as she shuffled along her perch. “Sure?” It was screeched as a question.

The Cavalier nodded once more, pulling out the tie that had held her hair back and placing it with the rest of her garments. She began shifting down into her lupus form, and when it was complete, Teagan shook out her fur in its entirety. Her canary eyes moved up to the raptor. “I’ll be back; hopefully with food.”

And then the wolfdog bounded off into the snow.

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scent disguised ;;;DDD (+857)

The work of the dishonest was best done at twilight.

And as this sweet time of night arrived, a certain artist of deception could be picked out among the winter-gripped forest that he traversed. The Grimm man had been walking since the height of the sun's ascent, and only now was the hum beginning to glow in his blood. His collie-esque ears were quick to identify the sounds of small creatures of the wood bed down for the evening in the snowy landscape he passed across, and this was an instinctual tell. Men and women all by their lonesome would undoubtedly be doing the same, as it was only the natural order of things. And Bayani had made himself lost for precisely this reason- perhaps he could be so fortunate to stumble upon a location of luxury, and return home with something of value clasped in his dark fingers.

His intentions were not sinister; no, they were merely impulsive, as they should be. Raised to survive purely on deception, Bayani would loathe to fall out of practice in removing items of worth from places that were poorly guarded at the fault of their owner. It was his most powerful skill, and the one that had bought him entry into a kindom of thistles that now served as his safe haven. It would be insulting to his talents to cease the thievery, and so he would not. Instead, the blue-peppered Salsolan would identify gifts to bring home. In particular, he sought something that he could present to his sister as a gift. He loved to watch her eyes light up at the sight of a new dress in his hands or new crafted work of jewelry around his fingers, and he had not seen such a smile for a while yet. This was the goal he set out to achieve in the watery light of midday. And as he moved with such purpose and the sun fell to slumber for the night, he felt himself getting closer to what he sought. And, indeed, he found it in due time, just as the edge of the horizon swallowed the golden ring in the sky. A camp.

But something smelled familiar.

It was the only thing that caused him to pause, a simple blue-patterned shadow with a brown bag on the edge of the trees. But his memory recall failed him. The bell that rung in his head fell dead silent when he could not recollect what memory lay at the source of such recognition. Bayani was not bothered much by it, however. Perhaps this was simply a particular figure he had snatched from in the past, was all. If so, he wondered if they had learned their lesson.

Distraction overcome, the blue and brown gaze of the thief landed quickly and effortlessly on the bag that lay propped against rocks, tucked protectively away from the snow. But not away from his hands. The coast was clear, aside from a stationed horse that seemed to be docile enough- at the moment- nuzzling at the snowy ground to his left. When Bayani moved forward with dancer's grace towards his target, he did not notice the bird.

Into the bag he delved, and after a proper moment of search, he located precisely what he had been seeking the entire afternoon. In his black fingers lay a raw stone, but this the jeweler's son could identify immediately. A ruby? Where such a strange traveler had found the raw gem was a mystery to him. Still clutching the prize in his hand, the Salsolan's eyes were immediately after drawn to the glimmer of a blade in the half-light, not far off. A sword. Bayani stood, the handsomely mischevious grin on his face in full force at what luck he had stumbled across. He stepped forward.

A bird screeched.


Bayani looked up, beheld the dark wings of a peregrine falcon and deadly sharp close descending upon him, and dove on a split-second decision. The falcon missed her mark, swiped at empty air, and then ascended to the sky again. Bayani, now littered with cold snow, pulled himself quickly back to his feet, careful to be certain the ruby was still grasped by his fingers. When he returned his attention to his unlikely attacker, the male noted that the bird was circling back around for another attack. He suddenly produced a knife, which had been tucked, unnoticed, into the hem of his pants. Brandishing the blade, he snarled, unshaken, and jabbed at the bird as she came for another dive. He missed, because the peregrine had changed its course at the last second, and instead feigned to his other side. Surprised by the sudden maneuver, Bayani hissed with the feeling of talons in his skin. A shallow rake now welled with red on his left forearm.

Virulently, he turned and blindly threw his arm, and this time managed to strike gold. He had not cut the bird with his blade, but instead smashed it in the wing and sent the falcon tumbling off-balanced in her flight to an ungraceful landing in the snow.

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Optime (+339)

Sorry for the sucky post >____< I’m trying to get better about my rambles! Teagan will recognize “Blue” in my next post! She’s just high off that Stryder anger-protective adrenaline rush right now xD

She’d thought the hunt had gone rather well. Spending those two months out in the wilderness with her sister after their coming-of-age ceremony had proved beneficial to Teagan’s skills and talents of being able to survive without having to rely on the pack to provide for her. As well, having a mother that was particularly good at all things “survival” helped too. The training form her youth had allowed her to catch three plump rabbits, and ensured all of her group would be able to sleep with a warm, full belly.

Shifted back to her two-legged form and with the rabbits tossed over one shoulder, Teagan had begun to make her way back to the makeshift campsite. She hadn’t gone too far, but, obviously, if she had gone far enough to find ample food for the night. Her gradual pace was enough to get her to where she was going without wasting any more precious energy. Out in the middle of winter with no proper shack or dwelling to hide in for the night, she was in for a long night ahead of her.

So, hearing the warning cry of her falcon was not how she envisioned the night out in the wilds to begin.

Teagan gritted her teeth and put on a burst of speed. Apollo let out a panicked whinny, and as the wolfdog cleared around a thick mass of dead vine, she found out why. Agrona, the valiant little raptor, was attempting to fend off the camp from a blue-patched male. The sight of her bird being sent tumbling into the snow cause a spike of rage in Teagan. She chunked the dead rabbits at the intruder with deadly accuracy, hoping to distract him as she moved in close.

She moved to catch the male by his bladed arm, seeking to disarm him so that she could get on with beating his soon-to-be-sorry hide. If Agrona was dead or wounded because of him, he’d pay!

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