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[AW: Stone Ship; Disablot]

POSTED: Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:34 pm

(318) Open to all, note that Disablot is a ceremony to honor women only.

The hunt for a cow had been undertaken, as Tink had said that Selma would be unable to be used for this purpose. The horned animal had been dragged back to Salsola for ceremonial purposes. What better place to hold a ceremony than at the Stone Ship? It reminded her of the Hearg and it was from there that she had learned the ritual that she was about to undertake. She had never led the procedure herself since she hadn't made it into the Volva caste but she had heard of it and the basics of it had been gone over with her when she had been in training to be a Volva.

Things were different here, in Salsola, and she needn't to be a Volva to honor the Goddesses. Still she felt that at least the Seer should be here but she was probably too busy with her child. Or there was the Crone but Stjarna couldn't bother him because Disablot was meant for women. Sure, men were allowed in attendance but they were honored in this ceremony as they were during a Blot. Because of that most men didn't choose to attend.

Stjarna sent up a howl to call all those who wished to attend. Maybe Tink would come because she at least knew of Freyja and knew that Stjarna was planning for a Disablot. Since the cow was to be sacrificed in offering to the fertility Goddesses the wolfdog had chosen to wash the cow. She felt it would be disrespectful to offer the cow up in her mud flecked state. Besides, it gave her something to do while waiting to see if anyone else would join her. She dipped a scrap of fur into a bowl of water and used that to clean off the cow. She would have used her soap had she known which fragrances that Freyja and Gerth liked the most.

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