The slit in the sky when you left is all I see

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with a bag full of bones
I know the place you left still won't leave you alone...

The body was still warm. The flies haven’t come to visit yet – well, not many. He still looked as though he would wake up from a deep slumber any minute now. But the numb buzzing in the air around him just wasn’t there. There was no sign of life, no feeling of life, and it made Eire feel so cold.

She stood there tensely in front of his small, dirt- and vomit-coated, motionless body. No breathing movements, not even shallow ones, rested in his chest. She hoped to find him, to catch him out here before he died. To tell him that she forgave him. He was not the monster her mother described, that Vicira and Vesper described. Eire had not known the evil side of him, and she refused to believe it ever existed.

When she first came, she wanted to carry out her duty. Axelle had sent her to Inferni to watch him, to wait and kill him at the right moment. She obliged, and wholeheartedly would have carried out the task. But upon meeting the pygmy coyote, it was hard to believe that all those harsh words her mother had spoken were true. He was an honest man, a warrior, a father to many, and a Bellator – and that was something of pretty high honor in Inferni. Eire wondered if she’d reach that level someday, if she stuck around.

Nervously, Eire fidgeted with her fingers while her eyes remained locked on the stiff body of her father. Now what? What would she tell Axelle? That she killed him? That he had died before she got the chance? Eire didn’t know which was worse – lying or the wrath she would face if she told Axelle that she failed, that he had died without facing his wrongdoings. Eire didn’t know if Axelle would hear that he had been expelled from Inferni, stripped of his title and reputation and family, and dumped in the forest to live out his final days. She didn’t know if hearing that he died a dirty and vomit-strewn mess at the side of a stream that he couldn’t even reach was going to mean anything to her. Eire picked at her cuticles, standing stiffly before the body. She couldn’t find it in her to move along, so she remained staring while a million thoughts fluttered through her mind.

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All those things you said

She watched him die. Watched each stuttering, stilted breath as it rasped and he coughed. Her dual eyes -his legacy- were closed to his pain and suffering, seeing only the monster that had taken every last shred of her love for him and smashed it to pieces. As much as she told herself to stride out there and end his life herself she just simply watched, bound to her place in the bushes. She could see his chest rising and falling with shallow inhales. Her fingers were clenched into white knuckled fists, the tips of her claws digging in to the pads.

He fell to stillness and she still could not move. Rooted to the spot as a viewer of medusa would be. The flies began to gather, drawn to the scent of his dead flesh. Still she could not move. Her own heart was racing in her chest, so hard that it made her nauseous and her head dizzy. This hadn't been the plan, she'd only wanted to.. maybe run into Crucifix or.. her sisters. To see them as the ache inside of her grew stronger. The pull of family was stronger than her reservations.

The movement in the bushes had her ducking down, out of sight. Was this someone coming to collect him, why had he been out here in the neutral lands anyways. She didn't know of his exile, that he was stripped of all name and rank, he was just a loner now. No pack and no family, lesser than even she, his bastard daughter born of a slave woman.

Eire stepped out. Helena wanted to scream. The black and white woman's forced progeny had no place here. She stood up, revealing her hiding place in the bushes and stepped forwards, freeing herself of them. "Eire.." How did she talk to this sister that she had met but once long months ago. She too looked down at the still body, "...He deserved it." It was stated matter of factually by her accented voice. She was empty of emotion, dead inside.

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