Such a nice Night to be outside.

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POSTED: Thu May 18, 2017 9:03 pm

Appearance: Night is in optime form wearing a black cloak with a harness underneath with two daggers attached to the back.
OOC:(Think beast from beauty and the beast only wearing a black cloak and a Wolf. lol)

Night moved cautiously through the thickly wooded area. His paws instinctually went for the areas where less of a track would be made and he found himself falling into the habit of eating some snow and keeping a little in his mouth to keep his breath from showing. If nothing else his father trained him well but when his mission was to meet others, his "training" could make it difficult if he snuck up on someone. He stopped for a second and raised his head sniffing the air around him and again he was greeted by the cold. Not many would be able to pick up anything with the weather as it was. However, it was a nice night of sorts and he was enjoying himself even if he was alone.

This made him mellow a little as he kept moving, his eyes scanning the area looking for any movement of any kind. So far a small animal or another was all he made out and that was good. Should he need a meal he knew he would have to hard of a time looking for one. He found a nice spot where the trees got thick and their branches and the other flora in the area blocked a good amount of the wind and sleet and he found himself taking a little bit of a breather. "Such a nice night...I got to see the old pack and now it's time to get my but to the South" He said these words lightly and smiled as he too his rest for it would be a long journey.
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