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Arlen couldn't help but grimace at the image that Damon was painting. Even Lyris wasn't that cruel. Or at least, Arlen hoped she wasn't. He'd never actually had to test that particular scenario out for himself, but he could only hope that she would be a bit more merciful with her children than Veri seemed to be with hers.

While they ate the food, it was clear on both males' faces that it wasn't exactly the most enjoyable meal either had ever eaten. Damon consistently tried to bolster Arlen's ego, and while his didn't boost his confidence in cooking, his overall mood vastly improved. Flatter worked wonders some times, it seemed. "Well maybe next time I have to cook I'll have a more experienced teacher." His green eyes flashed with humor and a smile graced his lips to banish any hint that his little taunt was anything more than that.

"Ah, Uncle Callum hasn't started me on a weapon yet." The disappointment was clear on his voice, but it was only to be expected. He'd only had hands for what, a week? No, not even that. But it didn't lessen his desire to learn it seemed. "What kind of sword do you have?" Callum had decided to familiarize the boy with the weapons before he picked one up himself, so the boy had a limited knowledge of the different blades and their uses. While he got his answer, Arlen hurried up his eating, eager to go out and have fun.
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The grimace didn't go unnoticed by the black male but he didn't otherwise react; eating charred food was a distasteful experience after all. But because of his mother's waste not mindset he'd gotten decent at cooking rather quickly. His sister was slower and usually only tackled the task if she was certain he was nearby to ask him for assistance. It also wasn't missed that his subtle attempts to lift Arlen's spirits seemed to have worked. He grinned at the Stryder male and stuck out his tongue once again. "Or maybe I can handle the cookware next time. I'll blow you away with my eggcellent meal prep." he returned without missing a beat.

Last bite now between his teeth, the male got to his feet to return the dish to the kitchen while he chewed. Plate deposited, he stood behind the couch and leaned on it's back after he swallowed. "Ahhh.." he had to think for a moment to recall the name of the weapon that Morty had helped him choose. "Pretty sure it's a longsword. Morty let me play with all the weapons in one of our training sessions and that one just sort of...stuck." an ear twitched in Arlen's direction, hearing the note in his voice but unsure how to encourage the other.

Instead Damon offered a commiserating grin. "Once you've got one picked prepare for hellfire to come after you. Picking a weapon for a mentor is like...opening the floodgates or something." he didn't know Callum all too well, but he'd seen it three times with three different mentors, his mother sort of included. Once Arlen finished his dish and put the plate ontop of his own, Damon leaped into action, by way of poking the red male in the ribs like earlier and darting out the door toward his own house with a cry of "Last one there does two hundred squats!"

Head down, he pelted toward his place, just aware enough to note the door was open. He'd gotten a head start, had a bit more training and muscle, so the brief sprint through the gardens to his house turned out to be a win. He slowed once he reached the corner of the Courthouse though in order to wait for Arlen, not wanting to bust into his place at full speed. This allowed both of them to jog up to his door with tongues lolling. "I'm back, just getting my sword then out again!" he called out into the house, just in case anyone turned out to be inside.

Before he could cross the living room to retrieve his sword from Veri's bedroom, a rusty red figure appeared in the doorway of the second bedroom. Green eyes glowered at him with the strength of a jade inferno. "Where have you been!?" Isobel snarled, the tips of her fangs visible underneath the wrinkle of her muzzle. Damon's hands flew up in the common 'no harm' gesture, his ruby orbs wide in concern as he threw a glance in Arlen's direction. "Whoa, easy there, Iz. What's got you so riled up?" his brain tickled. Her gaze followed his and caused her fists to clench at her sides. "Three hours, huh? Smells like you did a lot more than the stable. And you don't need a weapon to go hunting." she spat.

Ooooh....shit. Before Damon could open his mouth to stammer an apology to his obviously very upset little sister, she picked up an old tattered pillow from the couch and flung it at him with surprising strength for her size. "You promised!" yeah, he had, and in a way he deserved this, but holy Fenris he'd never seen her so angry. He ducked so the pillow missed him but it smacked Arlen square in the face. No damage was done, and at another time it would've been funny. Isobel's ire turned to the red male as soon as he became more visible, jealousy rampant in her gaze.

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