Sapient Ranks Table

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SAPIENT: Pack Portal


Sagax Sagire
Nivosus Moineau Swindler Victimology Mate to Naenia


Primor Numus Primor Operatio
Primor Indicium Primor Pario Primor Designo
Naenia Ortega Swordsman Swordmastery Mate to Nivosus
Pelagus Moribus Pelagus Opifex Pelagus Eruditio Pelagus Tutella
Tierney Bradaigh Carpenter Security Management


Domus Faber Virtu Faber Scio Faber Opus Faber
Sybil Moineau Falconry
Domus Summus Virtu Summus Scio Summus Opus Summus
Leonardo Auditore Blacksmith Ornithology Dareios Ahearne Bruiser
Domus Inter Virtu Inter Scio Inter Opus Inter
Tzila Napier Librarian
Domus Parva Virtu Parva Scio Parva Opus Parva
Asura Creo Nieve Ortega Lithia Napier Kadir Ahearne
Sergio Vega Kaimu


Brandy Blackrust Svanja Dikiy Alyx Wulf
Sabrael Vela Genevieve Auditore Rusty Knight
Nicolas de Orsa Marne Sadira Totem
Sylvestre Acosta Sully Mate to Skana Itō Miwa Healer"
Valentina Lykoi Jamaigo Zetsubou
Ruari Ahearne Cortez del Sol Mason Reina del Sol Artist
Keir Greyson Austri Moineau Tailor Bartolv Moineau Huntsman
Merik Shaamah Mercenary Combatology Camellia Amaranthe Librarian
Adrianna Julia Cillian Bradaigh Herdsman, Trapper Animal Husbandry Salvatrice Airò
Vepar Creo Skana Creo Mate to Sully Saleos Creo
Sloan Ortega Gardener Ramoth Lykoi Dakota Rauxur


Kalila Damaichu Inventor Rowtag Fallen Rydel
Isolda Lyashev
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SAPIENT: Pack Game

For more information on Sapient's game, please view our Game Information page on our website. All game submissions should be made to our Maintenance Thread.


Asura Creo 1517
Shammah 1332
Naenia Ortega 1291
Nivosus Moineau 356
Salvatrice Airò 284
Dareios Aherane 273
Sergio Vega 211
Kadir Ahearne 200
Kalila Damaichu 178
Tzlia Napier 142
Cillian Brádaigh 53
Sybil Moineau 50
Camellia Amaranthe 35
Kaimu 13
Nieve Ortega 13
Tierney Bradaigh 0
Sloan Ortega 0
Leonardo Auditore 0
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SAPIENT: Métiers & Areas of Study

Below is a tracker for both earned Métiers & Areas of Study. For further information on both, please view either the Métiers information or the AoS information on our website. Additional pages of interest when looking to earn these additional ranks include Completion Rules and Realism

Remember that you must request the creation of and have any Métiers & Areas of Study approved before beginning to work towards them. To do so, PM Sapient OOC account or post to our Maintenance Thread.

Note that * designates a custom, player created Métier.


Character's Name Master Level Apprentice Level
Austri Moineau Tailor
Bartolv Moineau Huntsman
Camellia Amaranthe Librarian
Cillian Bradaigh Herdsman, Trapper
Cortez del Sol Mason
Dareios Ahearne Bruiser*
Kalila Damaichu Inventor
Keir Greyson Herdsman
Leonardo Auditore Blacksmith
Miwa Itō Medic
Naenia Ortega Swordsman
Nivosus Moineau Swindler*
Reina del Sol Artist
Shaamah Mercenary*
Sloan Ortega Gardener
Sybil Moineau Falconry
Tierney Brádaigh Carpenter
Tzila Napier Librarian


Characters Name AoS
Cillian Brádaigh Animal Husbandry
Leonardo Auditore Ornithology
Naenia Ortega Swordmastery
Nivosus Moineau Victimology
Tierney Brádaigh Security Management
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