Active Characters

What's This?

This is a complete list of active characters on 'Souls, including auxiliary characters, which are grouped by player. The 'Souls Wiki Roleplayers page has a list of both active and inactive roleplayers organized by name!

To ensure that your auxiliary chracters are included on the list properly, please link your accounts. The "primary" character listed is your master linked account. Please ensure your master account is active, otherwise none of your linked accounts will show up! To change your master account, you must unlink and relink all your accounts.

If you do not wish to receive PMs, please disable them on your account options so your account shows up properly on the Active Character list.

Active Characters

Names in italic cannot be PMed.

Game Totals

59 players and 135 characters.

Note: Totals may be inaccurate and not match figures on Game Stats if there are players with active characters whose primary accounts are not active, or players whose multiple active character accounts are not properly linked.