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Dalgina was in her lupine form, her jewelry discarded. Sometimes it was nice to leave it behind. Yes, she left behind her ability to paint and the jewelry that she loved, but she was also free to run through the woods without care, and forget her worries as her instincts took over. Her instincts occasionally warned her to not trust Ovi, but the gentle tiger was such a sweet soul. She couldn't leave him behind. The tiger let out a roar that shook the forest as he ran, letting the power inside him loose. He was stronger than anyone she knew.

Desperately she raced to try and keep up, letting out growls whenever it looked like he was going to let her get ahead. It wasn't actually that difficult. Ovi outweighed her with strength, but they were matched in speed. It ended at the top of a hill when Ovi lost his balance, tumbling down. Dalgina followed right after, her leap ending in a slip. Claws scratched against each other as they scrambled to grip the ground. The smell of blood was in the air when they stopped, both laughing. Dalgina licked at the thin scratches on her body before turning to care for the ones that Ovi built, the tiger looking sympathetic. Sorry. Shaking her head she met his eyes. Not your fault. I got you pretty good myself.
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Leviothan silently lay back against the tree he'd come to, his eyes toward the sky way above him. For the moment, he couldn't help but relax. His arms curled behind his head, his clawed fingers scratching at the fiery furred mane that led down the middle of his back. For a brief moment, he felt calm, alert. Even happy that the day was as peaceful as the day he'd first come into Cercatori d'Arte. With a start, he jerked to his feet with the sudden sound of feet pounding against the ground, the skid of feet against the earth and the sudden intrusion of a female wolf and a tiger reeling through the clearing he'd settled against, the hill that he'd rested on for a few moments.

He slowly made his way toward the two, careful that he didn't run into the tiger or move too fast so that he didn't seem like a threat. "Excuse me. Are you both alright?" His head canted toward the right, his eyes upon the lupine female wolf. He hadn't seen her before, yet she seemed to smell of the pack more then he had.. maybe she'd been there longer? A grin slowly slid over his ebony lips before his fingers curled at his sides, catching against the copper toned fur that it met.

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Ovi lifted his head, looking over as a dark orange male approached him. The shades were deeper than his own, closer to that of a flame than anything else. Deciding that the pack member wasn't threatening he turned his attention back to Dalgina, nuzzling his head against her. Dalgina lifted her head from where she'd been licking at one of the longer scratches the tiger had given her. His voice was clear and friendly, but his presence was enough to shut her down. As if a light had gone out all emotion fled, left with a cold wall that studied the male.

He was a newcomer to the pack. She'd seen him around, but had never approached him. Dalgina didn't approach anyone if she could help it. We're fine. Her words were brisk, dismissing him easily. Dalgina stood and took a step towards the hill, willing to leave both of them behind. Sighing with exasperation Ovi shook his head. Please forgive her. She hasn't been herself lately. His voice held a slight accent, apologetic as he tried to explain Dalgina's actions, even when he himself didn't understand them.
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For a moment, Leviothan seemed saddened that the other wolf, obviously a female, seemed not to like him whatsoever. His head tilted somewhat and he slowly began moving her way, a look toward the tiger gifted just moments after. He paused with the Tiger's words, but without a sound, moved faster to gently grasp at the other wolf's arm before she could make a get away without talking to him. "I don't know you... and I don't think you know me, so might I ask why you're shrugging me off?" He seemed sincere enough, even worried that he might have done something wrong.

His orange, illuminating gaze smoldered just beneath with an intense curiosity as well as a radiant, vibrant life. "I'm sorry," he spoke when he'd realized that he'd grabbed her arm. He released her within an instant, no surprised if she lashed out at him for his senseless act.

His hand immediately jerked back toward his sides, a look flashing toward the tiger to make sure that he wasn't about to be attacked for moving too fast toward the other wolf. "It was wrong of me to grab you. I'm Leviothan, or Levi if you don't want to remember the full name. I heard you coming from a ways back. Then seen you crash. I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

He sniffed slightly to make sure she was one of the D'Artisans and when he made the connection, he smiled a bit more freely. "I got here about the time the Hurricane hit, a week or two before. Still a while back, but I haven't met everyone in the pack yet."

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A sudden grip around her arm froze the female in place. Her heart raced, thinking that any second now he would follow with a strike. No one had ever hit her. There was no reason for her to believe so. The scenes of blood from her memories just kept replaying though. She didn't think it was right that she was the only one to escape without scars, and kept waiting for life to hand her her share, to tell her that she wasn't someone so special they could get away while everyone else she knew suffered. He began to speak, and her eyes hardened. He just wanted to lecture her?

Ovi moved forwards, a low growl rumbling in his throat. He could see that Dalgina didn't like it. As soon as she was released she drew back, drawing herself up. There was no trace of the female that had been laughing moments before. Leviothan. I don't like being touched, especially not by strangers. I don't know you, and it wasn't your business. I'm Dalgina. You won't see me around much. I stick to myself mostly. The explanation was brief, and bare of emotion. Ovi calmed down once she was released, moving to stand at her side.

His chest slightly ached at her obvious disapproval of his actions. She'd frozen beneath his touch, his hold on her arm and for a brief moment, he felt her tense for some odd reason. Did she think he was going to hurt her? The tiger behind moved toward him, growling at his more then stupid attempt to stop her. Yet finally when he dropped his hand, lacing his fingers through his fur, his eyes came to rest on hers and he sighed just slightly.

"I apologize again. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'd never hurt another packmate. I just want to be friends. Plus... I've never seen you before so I thought it'd be nice to introduce myself." Guilt wracked through his body like a freight train, a slight frown at his ebony lips, stoic and statuesque. "It's nice to meet you, Dalgina. I hope that we can get passed this. Would it help you to talk about it? I'm a good listener."

His words came before he could think about it, but his eyes found their way to Ovi as he padded his way to stand by Dalgina's side. His fingers by now had grown tired of the way they were curled and little by little lost feeling before he stretched them out and flicked his hand slightly at his side. He hadn't brought his usual pack so he couldn't offer one of his signature wooden statues as a peace offering so he did the next best thing by leaning close to a near by tree, quickly grabbing for one of the branches.

The moment it was freed from the tree's hold, he looked back to the other wolf and held it out to her. "A peace offering. I really am sorry. I don't usually stick by myself, but there's a lot of alone time for me so I'm always about. If you'd like.. we could spend some time together. As friends, I mean. It'd be fun."

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His assurance was calming. If Dalgina could believe that he truly meant what he said she could trust him. It would be nice to be able to let down her guard. It was unfortunate that there wasn't much difference between how she was acting now and how she was when her guard was down. Both had rather quiet chilly demeanors. The other just meant that she would allow another to touch her and would converse with them, rather than flat out shutting them out. His words of wanting to introduce himself to a pack mate that he hadn't met before was sensible, she had to admit that.

Why would she talk to him about anything? She already had those she could talk to, and they weren't complete strangers. She simply stared silently, without any note about her. When he broke off a branch and offered it to her Dalgina took it, puzzlement on her face. A peace offering? He managed to finish what he was saying before she cracked a smile, amused by his actions. He was the first to offer her a stick as a peace offering. He was the first to give her a stick period. Alright. I'm not much for talking, but perhaps we could spend some time together.
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She'd taken his branch, his peace offering which brought an incredible grin to his ebony lips. For a brief moment, he looked between her and the branch before speaking. "Thank you" His cindered gaze flashed over her in a moment of observation before he looked toward Ovi again and smiled. "Your tiger is very elegant... and scary. I thought he was going to eat me." He laughed aloud.

"I've never been near a cat this big. He's nice... not like the regular house cats or wild cats that I've seen," he answered honestly, his fingers linking at his sides. His eyes found that of the wild cat again, slightly squinted as if trying to look into the creature's mind before he looked back to Dalgina whom he was conversing with originally.

He truly was sorry and he could tell by the look in her features, in her eyes, that she'd never been given a stick as a peace offering. That she wasn't sure what it truly meant. For a moment, he found himself wondering. His mother had told him stories about the bible, a book she'd read when her mother was younger. About the stories of Noah and the great flood.

"My mother used to tell me stories. One was about a Hyuman who was named Noah. He sent a dove out of his ship because the whole world had flooded and finally the dove brought back a branch to show that the flood was over. It's a sign of peace, this branch and I want to be peaceful. Helpful in anyway I can. Ask me anything you want to know," he answered silently.

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Both tiger and wolf stared at Levothian after his words. Her tiger? Ovi didn't look too uncomfortable with it, but Dalgina felt every inch the meaning of the words. Ovi didn't belong to her though. He was his own creature, a close friend but not someone she forced to be with her. He wasn't a pet. He wasn't like Tehu. While Tehu could be viewed as hers in a way, Ovi was different. He spoke and acted differently than Tehu, with a different intelligence. It was sharper than that of the simple kestrel's, the same as hers and Levothian's. How could she lay claim on something like that?

Thanks. I do my best to be friendly to the members of my pack. There was a trace of amusement in the tiger's voice as he answered the statement that was clearly addressed to Dalgina. She could feel herself growing warm, fidgeting back and forth. She didn't know how to correct what Levothian had said. She listened to Levothian's story with mild curiosity, ears swinging back and forth. Alright. I can do that. Ovi shook his head, and glanced over to Dalgina. I'm going to check on Taru. Meet you back at the house? He was going to leave her alone with someone she didn't know? Wide eyed she nodded, and looked over at Levothian, her nervousness clear.
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Up till now Leviothan had tried to ignore the wild cat, but now as both of them looked him over, staring him down, his hair slightly bristled, cindered eyes rounding on the both of them. However, they didn't say anything about his words which he thought the immediate look had been at first. With a careful smile, Leviothan held out a hand toward Ovi to see if he'd protest to being petted, yet paused midway because at that moment, he heard Ovi speak. "You're welcome. Consider me one of your pack."

The words were more then sincere, and while he had a generous heart, the young wolf seemed to get over his dislike of cats pretty easily, especially if they could get more damage then him upon himself. Seriously.. the cat was larger then him in his lupine form. Could decimate him. But his sights drifted to Dalgina again as she shuffled in place.

He watched curiously as she spoke to the tiger who shook his head and looked back toward the other wolf, carefully taping his claws over his copper toned fur. "She'll be fine. We'll be fine. I'm nice." He added as reassurance to the tiger's decision. Dalgina seemed nervous in the way she looked at the tiger and then back to Leviothan, even as she nodded. He held out his hand toward Dalgina, though was sure that she wouldn't accept it. She seemed distant, yet only because of her actions from before. "I'll protect her if she needs it any time soon."

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He really was uneasy with Ovi. Dalgina hadn't realized the tiger was frightening Leviothan until that moment. The canines were what frightened her, not the other creatures. While she was aware that Ovi could easily harm her, as could be seen by the scratches she currently bore, she didn't actually think that it would happen. There were things like this, but nothing big that could actually be damaging to her. The bright copper male was quick to reassure Ovi that Dalgina would be fine without him. The tiger just chuckled as he laughed. He wasn't the one in need of reassurance.

His offer of protection almost made the black wolf laugh. The only threat that she saw was him. It looked like she would have to accept his offer. Gingerly she placed a hand in his, looking at the fiery male. Do you want to go for a walk? She wished Ovi could give her suggestions. The tiger was gone now though, leaving her to deal with Leviothan on her own and figure out how she was supposed to make friends. Reaching out to others was not something she did naturally, more likely to work at keeping them away then actively work to reach them.
Uneasiness was something no one was really good with and it was clear on his face that Leviothan was slightly fearful of the large wild cat that seemed overtly calm in their presence. For the moment, his cindered gaze clung to Ovi firmly, unsheathed claws still grasping at his side's fur without contempt. When finally he assured Ovi that Dalgina would be fine, he only received a laugh or a chuckle in return, bringing the Artisan's lips curling with the softest hint of a grin. But he couldn't help but also look toward Dalgina for her reaction from his words. He really was quite the jouster. It was very possible that Dalgina could beat him to a pulp, probably could have already, but now that she seemed not to think him a threat, he felt her hand slide into his own and that was all he needed to accept her friendship, even though the words hadn't been gifted quite yet.

"A walk would be nice. I hear there's a nice carnival like place across d'Arte. Would you like to go there?" His voice softened somewhat and with the realization that he was holding hands still with Dalgina, he moved almost immediately in that direction before she could even get words free of her mouth, his excitement and anxiety over the matter soaring to all new heights which pushed him to be optimistic and extremely happy-go-lucky. His eyes found their way to the trees just in the distance and just like that, he was off through them, hopefully with her right beside. "So, Dalgina, what do you do in d'Arte?"
He smiled at her soft acceptance of his hand. She wasn't too positive about him, but she had to give him a chance. It was small, but she was preparing to trust him, just a little. She hadn't heard of the place that he described, ears tilting forwards curiously. What would that be like? Dalgina nodded her head, picturing the carnival she'd been to when young. It had been loud, with lots of music and celebrations. She also remembered that there had been a lot of places that the pup wasn't allowed to go to since she'd arrived at night.

I'm an artist. I paint. Her words were soft, feeling herself pulled a little behind him. She didn't care for that so much, wanting to resist. Dalgina had to remind herself again that he just wanted to be friends, and wasn't going to do anything. The snow had silenced the woods for the most part, pressing down the feeling that they were utterly alone. Dalgina almost felt like this was her world, cold and silent. The bright wolf beside her broke through that illusion, pulling her along to where things would be more bright.
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Leviothan smiled silently as Dalgina gave him a nod. The carnival place he was speaking of wasn't exactly up and running, more or less needed work. His eyes seemed to dart about for a moment as if he were trying to catch pace and he slowed down so that soon the two of them were walking with each other, not behind one another so that he could talk and listen to her on an even level. Her soft words seemed to penetrate the copper wolf's senses, sparking a smile at his lips. He'd met many artists recently, each one with a talent that seemed to fit them intensely. Bright cindered eyes caught upon Dalgina for the most part, only moving to look in the distance as they began their tedious walk through the forest and toward what seemed like an unprecedented and unexplored place.

"An artist? You're one of the few that I've met here in d'Arte. I'm a carpenter... well, an upcoming carpenter. Honestly, right now I'm just a craftsman. But I love working with wood." His words seemed to come out a great deal lighter now then they had before. Perhaps he was beginning to try too hard with getting her to like him. He should be himself, the weird, off topic wolf who a lot of people adored. A shifted in his stance moments later was met with the passing through of a thicket so that they could cross into the fields right behind them. It wouldn't be too much longer if they kept moving.
His steps slowed, Dalgina coming to stand beside him rather than being jerked behind him in his excitement. Dalgina glanced over at the fiery wolf, seeing his quick steps. He was almost like a fire, except that he was much less likely to hurt her. His actions while uncontrolled and with a wildness from his youth in them that was almost clumsy. They walked together, Dalgina doing her best to not panic or otherwise overreact. The strange part was that she could still feel in some way Ovi's comforting presence, as if the tiger was aware of how she was feeling and there with her, giving her courage.

Dalgina nodded her head. She didn't think there were really that few artists. Then again, none of them really seemed to have the focus to paint like she did. Most ended up doing other things. I know the basics of sculpting. Taru's really the one who knows how to do it. She was proud of her adopted family, happy that Taru took care of her and how high in the ranks she was. The trees widened into a field and they began to cross it, brown eyes drinking in everything a little uncertainly. She had passed through here before, yet it somehow seemed unfamiliar. Perhaps because she'd never been to the carnival that was nearby, making it take on something different.
When he slowed, the copper toned wolf watched as Dalgina came to stand beside him. He realized that once again his brash behavior might have made her not like him by the way he'd been reacting to pretty much all of the obvious signs that she was uncomfortable with him. He sighed slightly, yet with a slight tilt to his head, he continued moving with an otherwise tainted silence, his fur glistening softly in the cold light that spread from around them, through the trees and all about. He found that he felt comfortable with Dalgina, even with only knowing her for a short time and as they broke through trees to come to a field, passing through it, her words came to his ears in a softness that seemed almost unrealistic.

He didn't know Taru at all. Only the few he'd met in Cercatori during his time with the pack. While that might have been limited, he'd come a far way since being here in this place and the fact of the matter was that he felt the need to prove it. A grin coaxed at his lips as he shifted slightly, slowing his pace once again so they could talk more.

"Is that so? You should show me what you can do. It'd be nice to see someone else's work instead of my own all the time. I get inspiration from knowing that others might be able to do better then me. Gives me something to work towards, you know?" His fingers drilled slightly at his side, claws slightly curling at his fur despite the chill that seemed to settle within his body. For a moment, a shiver collected deep within his chest, finding its way to the very top of his head where it rattled in his teeth, his tongue sliding out to wet at his nose. The scarred sides of his face were more then enough to give him character, yet he didn't seem to be aggressive, just somewhat impulsive and driven by his desires.

Most wolves were from what he'd seen all his life. His mother was impulsive. His father had been somewhat demanding himself. It was all too natural to the wolf to look for more in other wolves when meeting them. Now, as they passed through the field, past the grass and browned trees, his cindered gaze found itself locked on Dalgina, a smile perking at the corners of his lips. "When did you meet your friend?"
He didn't seem like someone to stay down for very long. Every single time he faltered a smile quickly returned to his lips. Dalgina thought about her youth, how happy she'd been. He was lucky that he was still that way. A tiny smile twisted her lips, more bitter than the one he wore. It vanished again as he began to talk, pulling her out of the past. The request to see her art surprised Dalgina. It shouldn't have. If someone mentioned being an artist others would love to see it. She was just shy about letting the others see what she painted. Her paintings were slowly growing more cheerful, but the majority of them still held her nightmares.

The shiver surprised her, feeling it transfer over to her. Quickly Dalgina shook it off, her body moving much like she was shaking off water. Feeling better she looked up. If you want to. If he asked again she would take him home and show him her art. For now the carnival was ahead, something she was curious and a touch afraid of. She wasn't a large fan of the unknown, no matter how much it drew her. I met her when I first moved to Cercatori d'Arte. I'd been foolish, and fell into a pond. I was too young to be able to swim, and she rescued me.
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He wasn't sure what it was that could tell him when another was hurt, but he always took that into consideration when he came in contact with another wolf he didn't know much about. The soft inclination of the fields that they now seemed to be passing led swiftly and abruptly to the left where Leviothan seemed to leading her.

It wasn't much farther from here that the silhouette of a Ferris Wheel could be seen, along with the bright color of the shimmering water next to it. His desire to look at her art her paintings brought a grin to his lips that he couldn't quite understand himself. Aside from the desire to get to know Dalgina, he didn't especially feel any romantic tendencies, at least none that he could trudge up and that alone was a good thing. He didn't want to flirt.

Only make a friend of her like he had with Eclipse the first time he'd seen her in the woods and despite the fact that he hadn't spoken to the female wolf since he'd left her with promise that he'd make her a bow and some arrows, the desire to get closer in that manner to someone else had sprang upon him several times. Keldava, the warrior wolf he'd met in the flowering fields was different of course.

To him, he'd always felt a guilty pang of desire within his chest as if it were wrong, yet right at the same moment. He was handsome for sure, a healthy figure and well groomed fur. it was surprising that he was single.

At least to most. But why exactly had he chosen to bring these thoughts into his mind? Perhaps it was the landscape that they were coming to. Once upon a time, it had most likely been the famous place to take dates, to bring someone who you didn't know to a place where you could have fun and still be friends, even if it meant that you weren't close due to a mistake. With a grin coating his lips, he looked back to Dalgina and shifted. She had just gotten a shiver as well which meant that maybe she was cold. The road toward the carnival was almost over.

Yet, that guilty pang in his chest for perhaps making her think that the carnival itself was open still somewhat caught him off guard. He waited for a while as they pushed ahead to answer her. She'd said if he wanted to. That was permission to see something more then just words. Often a painting seemed to show an artist's true form.

Though he'd wanted to create something that brought both artists and carvers, craftsmen together, he hadn't yet figured out what he could do with such notions yet the carnival up ahead made him nervous as well. He hadn't been there before and had only come across it once in the past few months when he was exploring the borders of CdA. "Thank you. That would be great. Honestly, I haven't seen too many paintings in my life. My mother was a good artist, but most of her designs were in black and white, painted on a flesh canvas instead of a parchment, paper one." He answered freely, his fingers moving to swipe at the thick mane of darker red, speckled black hair.

The next topic came swiftly, though he couldn't help the confusion that fed through his body at the mention of a 'she' instead of a he as he thought Ovi was. Of course, she'd just mentioned someone else and that was the only thought in his mind that made him, at this moment, realize that she was talking about someone different then he was. "Hmm.. So she saved you and you've been friends ever since. That sounds like a friendship to me. More then a friendship. She's probably more like family." He was a keen observer, even if not many signs had been portrayed. But it was an emotional tale and one he could have been proud to exclaim had it happened to him. "I did mean, Ovi though. I'm interested in your wild cat friend."
For someone that was an artist in his own right he didn't seem to have been exposed to much of it. His words about his mother were unexpected, gazing frankly at him. She didn't see how that mattered when showing him her art. She was not his mother, and Dalgina knew that the flavor would be much more different than the simple black and white art he had described. Well, perhaps it wasn't that simple. Not all of her art had been done in color. Black and white were simply strong opposites that were easy to keep separated. Mixing them could be rather interesting.

Dalgina lowered her head, a tiny smile on her face as he described Taru as family. A friend was how she referred to the blind wolf as she didn't have another word to really describe what Taru was to her. There was a word for family that wasn't blood, but Dalgina didn't think of Taru as a sister, as the word would indicate. The reference surprised Dalgina. Ovi had been left behind a while ago. Thinking back to that first meeting she spoke slowly. Ovidiu was wandering around on the pack land. He was pretty thin, and I shared some food with him. He complimented my painting, and came to be with me when he joined the pack. A simple story, and perhaps lacking the details of how that meeting had gotten them to become so close, but it was true. Dalgina just didn't want to speak of the emotions he'd pulled in her heart.
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Quote:Leviothan found himself smiling toward Dalgina, even if she didn't understand exactly what he was talking about. When he spoke of his mom, he seemed to light up, just that tiny bit. It was natural for him to feel that way toward family and he often seemed to show it with an intense passion that transcended the meager feelings of a natural born would. With a slight grin, he moved onward with Dalgina beside him. She was pleasant company, a surprising change from all the girls he'd met out in the wild.

She somewhat reminded him of a wolf that he'd managed to have a run in with not too long ago, Keldava... Every time he thought about his meeting with the wolfess, a grin seemed to split his lips even farther, a slight shake of his head finally given when the outline of the carnival grounds suddenly seemed to come into sight. A pier, it looked like, with several odd looking machines in states of disrepair, a definite, yet startling sign that the old world was not completely forgotten.

A surge of energy over took Leviothan within moments as he looked back to Dalgina, a smile rapidly taking spot on his toothy, scarred maw. He waited for her to catch up, watching innocently while she spoke. "Often, animals seem to find love in the weirdest of places. It's odd to find cats that big, but I'm glad you have him as a friend. He can protect you, though I'm pretty sure that you can protect yourself fairly well, too." He didn't want the details. They were small things compared to the story over all.

She had made a friend for life, possibly the rest of hers and though the big cat may not last as long as she, he was someone she could rely on when others betray her, when friends weren't so friendly. Often Leviothan had wondered on what animal he might bond with. Though it wasn't a cat per say, he'd often found that he enjoyed the way kits looked. Foxes reminded him of Sebastian and that enough brought a smile to his lips, his cheeks reddening beneath the already copper toned fur all the more....

He shook his head to relieve himself of the thoughts, but they just kept returning so without a sound, he shifted in his stance to observe Dalgina again, walking with his back toward the pier that it was now certain they were going to.

"I haven't been here before, but I think it's a great place so far, just looking at it. I heard stories from the scary wolf that often patrols the borders. Well, he's not scary. He just doesn't like trespassers. I took his advice one day and got into a fight with a loner who came too close to the borders. It felt pretty awesome being able to help protect the pack." Why this had come up even he was unsure, but it was conversation when the two needed it. "I'm protective over things"
They walked out onto a stretch with rotten wood. Giant rusted machines from the humans lined the side. She could catch glimpses of bright colors underneath the rust and cracks that ran through it. One had been completely destroyed by the storm that had come through last year, just a stump on the ground left. His words brought a tiny smile to her face. It was true. She had never expected to grow so close to Ovi. Her attachment to Tehu had been created through her fascination with flight and the knowledge that the sky was her friend, something to reach out to.

She smiled softly at the mention of Ovi defending her. It was true, he always did that. She could protect herself, but he was even better than that. Scary wolf that patrols? Who's that? She could think of some patrollers but she had no idea who would fit the description of being frightening. The dislike for trespassers was something that she was sure everyone in the pack held, not just patrollers.