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Full Version: the chat is lonely
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Hanging out in our chat and want some company? Bump it!
[html]<h2 class="header-1 border">Post Racing!</h2>
<div class="infotable">
Need some inspiration or motivation? Come <b>race with us</b> in the <a href="http://www.soulsrpg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=55">'Soulschat.</a> </p>

<h3>What's This?</h3>
"Post racing" is an <b>unofficial</b> competition between 'Soulsters who happen to be online and in the chat at roughly the same time. Basically, everyone tries to post quickly. It's a race! This can help you get over a "backlog" of threads, or it can help you post a lot and post frequently, or it can just motivate you! It's also a great way to get to know your fellow 'Soulsters and hang out together. :)

<li>Post races happen only when they're "called" and started by the members of the chat collectively.</li>
<li>Posts only count from the starting point of the race. Even if you've already written 20 posts today, you start at 0 with everyone else when the race begins!</li>
<li>Races only <em>start</em> when agreed upon. Wait for everyone to agree upon a starting time (e.g., 6:30) or a starting cue (e.g., when Player Bob returns from AFK) and then wait for that cue to start writing. Don't start posting or writing posts before the race starts.</li>
<li>Players track the number of posts they've done by clicking on their name in chat and changing their nickname. Your name should read <b>Player-1</b>, where 1 is the number of posts you've done.</li>
<li>If the chat is full and only some members want to race, the <em>racers</em> should leave the #general channel and go to the #garbage channel for racing. Don't clog the chat.</li>

<li>This is <b>UNOFFICIAL</b> and not supported by the 'Souls Assemblage, 'Souls Moderators, or anybody else. It's just a fun game between players. There are no serious rules, there are no prizes, and there definitely aren't any referees. For that reason...</li>
<li>... <b>keep it light-hearted</b>. Seriously! Everyone goes at their own pace. Don't make fun of anyone, don't try to force people to race when they don't want to, and <em>don't be a jerk.</em> This is not official and the 'Souls Assemblage dosn't enforce any real rules, but one thing the 'Souls Assemblage <em>will</em> do is ban the practice of post-racing altogether if it gets out of hand or results in hurt feelings. :( Please, think of your fellow members and the fun you're having, and don't ruin it for anyone else! Thanks!</li>
<li>It may be good to start/end races with minutes rather than exact times because of differing time zones, so "start at :00" instead of "start at 6:00pm."</li>
<li>Remember that quality is still important! ;) After all, you wouldn't want your thread partners to skimp on quality just because they're racing!</li>
accompany me while i draw to put off posting 8D
Raze is lonely in da chat :O
Post Race: :40 At least a potential post race if people come. :P Chat is also very lonely.
Gen is in chat and going to post tonight <3 care for posting company? :D I want to race too!
a lonely ruski in chat wants friends <3 we can talk brexit, steam summer sale, plots, and posts <3
Potential post race in the making. Chat is so very lonely too. T-T
gonna be in chat today! Come chat away <3
Coming! don't be lonely chat, me coming to safe you!
One is the loneliest number you can ever be~
oh no, it's super quiet in chat! come hang out while I attempt to do some more posts and wiki updates? O:
It's pretty quiet today, why not come hang out? :D

oops double post
anyone want to chat w/me?
Chat is lonely, oh no! Come chill with Kite while she (maybe) tries to do some posts?
Post Race at :15!

Come join the race or just hang out to chat. The more the merrier!
Jumping in chat to talk while i draw, come chat with me! <3
[Image: giphy.gif]
there's a few of us in chat!
oh no, chat is empty! come hang out?
ayyy come hang out while I *attempt* to get something productive done? o;
chat with me and maybe get a mini from me because imma draw too? <3
It's pretty quiet in chat right now! Come hang out? :D
it is a little quiet, come hang out while I attempt (probably fail) to do some posts? o:
oops triple post (I think)

Come hang out in chat! :D

It is a little quiet today! ;D Come hang out :D ??
Come chat w me i am lonely and supposed to be productive :c
Anybody avilable in the chat. I have some time in my hands to spare while I catch up with posts...
Chat is lonely, come hang out? :D
Come hang out, I am probably supposed to be asleep but doing 'Souls stuff instead WOOPS
Come hang out with me and post race? I have quite a bit on my plate and i want to get as much done as possible so help motivate me pleaseeeee? <33
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