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Full Version: the chat is lonely
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Come chill in the chat with a few fellow 'Soulsters? |D
Oh no, it is empty! Come hang out with me in the chat while I procrastinate ??
triple post no shame

come hang out in chat fellow 'soulsters B)
I'm spreeing today and would not say no to the company c: if you want, we could even post race!
Lots of people online right now -- let's get in the chat! :) Maybe we could post race??
I'm in chat.

All alone.

Alll... alllloooowwwwwwwwne.

Happy to jibba-jabba, and whatever, really. Yup. -Lazy flops.-
Arise, chicken, arise
Come hang out?? I am trying to get her mind off of waiting for x-ray results BLEH >_>
Oop, it has been kind of quiet lately! Come hang out in chat? :D
One is the loneliest number
Come on in! :)
-Is so lonellly... is Mr.Lonely... aah-ahh ahh... looonelly.-
Come hang out with us in chat! ♥
In chat if anybody wants to talk inane gibberish, roll around, have their noses booped, and stuff.

so lonely
it's sooooo hot outside come hang out in the cool kids zone
Post race at :00!

We got some scary racers in here! ;O

[Image: tumblr_o559zjaepr1vnokczo3_400.gif]
The chat is crusty. And empty.

Woof woof.

Suffice to say, lurking in chat pretty much every evening. XD
Ahhh I'm awake now!

I'll be on pretty much all day and I'm eager to write! I'm down to post race or spree (especially IF co-rank threads) so come hang out! Let's kick post butt!
I'm gonna hang around and maybe draw, but also chat! :D
[Image: giphy.gif]
*sits in the chat alone*

Keep Raze company?

[Image: giphy.gif]
Vesper Wrote:Keep Raze company?

[Image: giphy.gif]


[Image: IY5zAD41.jpg]
Looonellleehh. =3
I second the lonely!
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