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Full Version: the chat is lonely
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-Scrabbles about.- Aaannnyybody about? o3o
Yee 8D come party with us.
I'm in chat, same time as more-or-less every evening, perhaps a few hours earlier than now at least, come in if you wish to chat, babble, wriggle noses and generally faff about, productively or not. =3
Quite lonely, in the chat place.

Would like to babble, inanely or seriously, and make faces. And wolf-things.
Me again, seeking fair company, very lonely. How baw.

-Puffs up.-
Yo, join us in chat! We're doing voice chat - it's fun! You can join without talking if you want Wink

Who's interested in a good ol'-fashioned post race?! Race starts at :15!

We'll "race" in the #garbage channel, and just keep track there how many posts we've completed. c: As always, it's not a real competition (there's no winner or official end to the race), but if we get enough participants I'll probably doodle something for everybody!
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