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I cant do a voice thing but I'm available for typing... I have people that I toss ideas back and forth with. It helps to talk things out and don't think food is ready right now.
Will you be available later today? Cuz my families food is ready. Im on my phone haha i can collaborate with you on the forum if thats okay :)
I dunno how long I'll be on... I'm at my Dad's right now so I'm stealing his wifi and dunno how long I'll be here. But I'll be on my phone later when I get home so I'll be available some way.
Well the food is done, and i'm full. But I need to get working on my character! So o-o if anyone is willing to help me :3 then say so so we can get goin! haha
I can hop into the regular 'Soulschat, if you'd like, but I can't do voice. 8C You might be hard-pressed to find a lot of voice chatters on here, tbh? To my knowledge it's not suuuper common, but text chatting is! Maybe you'll have more luck by asking for IM assistance?
I dont have an account for the souls chat thingy..
I will fix this. 83
o,..,o you can make me an account?
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