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Full Version: Extra pup point procedure, etc. question
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Soo... I'm aiming to use up the last 2 of my pup points for Axelle's litter, and because the father is an NPC, I'm working really hard towards getting approved for an extra point - but the requirements for that are unclear where I've looked up how to request pups (Wiki, general puppies FAQ). They don't mention anything about requesting an extra pup point and what I need exactly to be approved.

And how long does the SA look back and consider your post counts, etc.?

I need to be active, I get that, but how many posts should I be doing per week and what exactly does the SA check in order to approved? I've been obsessing about making all my characters active, keeping their posts as balanced as I'm able to - but its getting really hard for me since I don't have a lot of free time between my 3 jobs and school :o

Any insight about this would be greatly appreciated - thanks!
The extra point is granted if you play/have played a lot of characters in a given year period. It is, essentially, to grant a player who has a LOT of characters more chances to have babies with their characters. Someone who carries even seven characters normally would need three real life (!) calendar years in order to have all of them reproduce even just once, so by granting an extra point, we allow a bit more leeway where that is concerned.

I must stress though, it is intended for players who have had a LOT of characters and typically carry a LOT of them. If a player has 3 characters normally and has two more that they only played for a few months, the fourth point is really not for them. Even if you normally carry five characters... I'm really not sure, as it is pretty rare we do grant an extra point. But yes -- similarly, the extra point leniency is obviously not meant for the player who pick-up, drop, pick-up, drop, pick-up, drops until they've played ten characters within a calendar year. XD That is why we ask for joining dates, to ascertain even if a player lists 10 characters they've played, they actually played them substantially.

We don't have guidelines about request procedure written anywhere about this currently, but we will shorty (I expect, anyway). Tentatively, I will say (without yet conferring with the rest of the 'SA -- hence the tentatively!) in order to apply you should provide us with:

- The puppy point form, plus a note that you want to apply for another point
- A comprehensive list of the characters you've played within the last calendar year, including dates for roleplaying them. So, for example:
--- Active: Axelle Napier (6 Apr 2013 - 6 Apr 2014) (Because you've played her for longer than a calendar year you can just mark off that you've played her the whole year. If you really want you can dig up her joining date, but it doesn't help or hurt you to do so if it's more than a year ago, so it's a waste of time ;D)
--- Active: Azucena Lykoi (6 Apr 2013 - 6 Apr 2014)
--- Active: Belial Massacre (10 Dec 2013 - 6 Apr 2014) (Because you've played this character for less than a calendar year, you mark off when you joined with them; here it is required)
--- Active: Lorelei Ulrich (1 Jun 2013 - 6 Apr 2014)
--- Inactive: Rio Marino (6 Apr 2013 - 10 Mar 2014) (Because you've played this character for less than a calendar year, you mark off when you joined with them; here it is required -- as is your date of dropping her. If you can't find your date of drop, let us know and we'll see if we have drop records for you.)
--- Inactive: Jim-Bob the Dropped (10 Sept 2013 - 10 Dec 2013)

Hope that helps. 83
Holy longness - but goodness. Thank you; this cleared up a lot of what i was unsure of.

Though, as mentioned above, players generally with more characters are granted an extra point. Does the pups having an NPC father tie into that at all, bc obv. Theres no one else to contribute points...?

Is character post consistency a big thing thats looked at here as well, or is it just mainly Axelles activity/post counts? I've been trying to keep everyone balanced, but the more days I push my request back, the more out of wack they seem to get. :o
NPC father does not factor in at all for any puppy request.

Puppy requests only look at the parent character's activity. Whether you're requesting an extra puppy point is largely irrelevant here as well since, depending on if you used points on other characters/litters in a given calendar year, you are not necessarily requesting more than a "normal" number of puppies.

For example, if you have already used 2 puppy points in a calendar year and want to have a new litter with 2 pups (all contributed by you), then you would need an extra point because you only have 1 point left. Assuming the extra point is granted, the parent character's activity should be sufficient for earning 2 puppies for that litter, as the Requests Wiki article.

If you have not used any puppy points in a calendar year and want to have a litter with 4 pups (all contributed by you), then you would again need an extra puppy point, but this time, the parent's activity should be at or better than what is sufficient for 3 pups.

Make sense?
Yeah, I understood what was on the wiki and the post counts and stuff - I just wanted to make sure my other characters' activity/balance didn't tie into it all because they werent as balanced as I was trying to make them :o

I have 2 pup points at the moment, and I wanted to request for a third to have 3 pups at this given time. I used my other point on a different character (Lorelei) earlier in the year, and now I'm working with a totally different character here (Axelle). I was HOPING to get a third pup point (the extra one) to just have a full litter instead of just two pups ~ because I have 3 designs for her kids. However, if I'm only granted 2, I suppose I can work with that too and use the other design at a later date.

Thank you :)