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Full Version: PM difficulties?
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Is anyone else having issues with the messaging system?

It seems like half the time I send a message, it sits in my outbox for a while, rather than being in my sent messages. I think it stays in there for anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of days. :O

Also, sometimes people PM me and I never receive the message at all.

Am I batpoo crazy or is somethin' weird going on? Lol. :P
things have been chillin in my outbox longer than they should've, but idk about that other one. I thought maybe that was just the way it worked, but I guess not???
If a message is in your Outbox it means the recipient hasn't read it yet. Only after they read it does it move to Sent Messages.

Users PMing others should make sure that they actually "add" the recipient username(s) prior to sending, or the initial "send" will simply act as a "preview" while the board searches for the account of the recipient, and you'll have to hit "send" again for it to actually send. If an outgoing message is not in either Outbox or Sent Messages, then it hasn't actually been sent.

I feel herpderpy right now. xD Thanks Kiri <3