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Full Version: Character Creation Help/Suggestions
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(I hope I am doing this in the right forum... Please move it to the proper place if it's not!)

Anyway, hello! I'm Kyrinnan, or Kyri for short. I apologize for making my screen name my account name when I know it's supposed to be your character, but there wasn't any other way that I can ask this without making an account. (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

I was wondering if I could have help with creating a character for 'Souls? I read through the RP Guide and the rules, and while I'm pumped and ready to join, I seem to find myself stuck on what kind of character I want to role play since 'Souls provides such a wide range of possibilities! Maybe there is some archetypes that I could look at/avoid? Like, for example, is there a surplus of thief/assassin-esque characters?

I have also considered another option, which is my second point in this thread. I am considering adopting one of the characters in the Open Characters forum, and if you have an open character that you are interested in seeing getting adopted out, please reply here or contact me through Private Messaging! I am more than willing to give you role play examples of me possibly role playing the character and other requirements that are needed. I would actually prefer a character that is prepared for plots/already integrated into some plots! I would love to hit the ground running, so to speak! Other than that, I have no preference about archetype, age, gender, etc.!
Hey, and first off, welcome to 'Souls! :) It's great that you want to join! There are a bunch of different resources you can use to find out what kind of character you want to make; it seems like you've been through the RP Guide, so why not check out the Character Ideas wiki page? You may not want to use exactly what's on there, but they can give you some good base ideas to start out. :)

Another idea is to check out the Active Pack Summary, find a pack that interests you, and then take a look at their welcomed archetypes. For example, Cercatori d'Arte's welcome archetypes include gypsies, merchants, vagabonds, performers, con-artists, and even thieves; you can take a look at which pack interests you the most, and perhaps build off of their welcomed archetypes.

Finally, if you still can't think of a solid character idea, you can check out the Open Character list, where people adopt out relatives or packmates of their characters for others to play. These characters often come with personalities, appearances, and relationships already made, so you can jump right into playing!

I hope this helped! :)
In addition to what sunny has posted, there are also many open characters that are listed on the wiki along with specific players adoptions and their adoption stipulations and contracts!

I personally have a bunch of characters that are ufa but I push mostly Viktor Axel Ulrich and Pythius Absinthe Trombetta. Like many players I have an adoption contract that stipulates certain things for certain characters and I also have a wiki that includes my extensive list of adoptables. Feel free to look at them!
I would love to see Versace Inferni get adopted out, but then again I just picked up her brother. Versace is pack owned by Inferni though so you'd have to talk to the leaders there but they are awesome so no worries on that front.
I love new people! c| Welcome, welcome<33

All of the basic stuff has pretty much been covered all ready, b/c the staff is so on top of stuff. |D There's so many different personalities and ways you can go with making a character. When I created Lyris I really tried to come up with a good foundation or backstory that would make roleplaying her interesting for a long time. There's always opportunity to pick up more characters in the future and experiment with different personalities! I like to practice with different view points and such to expand my writing ability for different personas and overall ideas.

I only have one character up for adoption, you're always free to take a look over him. Very customizable and able to go any direction as far as personality/skills. He's currently a non-luperci, and there's always that plot immediately available! I found that the non-luperci to luperci-change was really fun to roleplay out and helped me flesh out Lyris here.

Of course, there's about a hundred other characters up for grabs that may fit you better. I look forward to seeing you on board. <<:
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We have a few more characters ready to go within Casa di Cavalieri^

If you're looking to make a character that may help a pack in need of members you can always click "Game Stats" in the top right corner and it will show you the number of played characters within each pack, as well as how many males or females are being played. This should give you an idea of what sort of character may be needed in the game :)