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Full Version: Quick Poll: Subscribe or Bookmark?
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Hi 'Souls! We're hoping to grab some quick feedback here. Do you use the Subscription feature, the Bookmarks feature, both, or neither?
I pretty much rely on the subscription function to keep track of threads lol.
I use View Your Posts. It's not the most reliable as IC threads blend in with dozens more OOC threads, so I miss replies sometimes.

I only subscribe to important OOC threads and never noticed the Bookmarks feature. :I
I'm lame and like my instant email notifications xD I do use View Your Posts sometimes but when I'm out I like just being able to check my email to see if there's anything new specifically for me on 'Souls ^^
I have a bookmark folder with each character that has their own folder with the links to their individual threads (in date order) in them. :3
I use the wiki/post logs myself, because i always forget about the bookmark/subscription features xD
Definitely find myself using 'Subscribe' more and more for threads that are outside of my character's pack territories.

Other than that I use the 'View Your Posts' function to keep track of dates-- so I can reply to my threads in order.

Bookmark, I can say I've never used. I typically only bookmark pages that have either recipes or important articles I know I'm going to visit again.
I just use my post log, open all threads and see which ones it's my turn to reply to... I forget about the Subscribe feature, heh. >_>
Zalen Damaichu Wrote:I have a bookmark folder with each character that has their own folder with the links to their individual threads (in date order) in them. :3

Aaahhh -- are you talking about browser bookmarks? Because the poll is for the bookmarks feature on the board -- this stuff! I definitely should have made that clearer to start the poll off. \:

Unless there is a way to add board bookmark folders and Nat is just awesome and figured that out? O_O
I am a subscribing whore. All my replies line up neatly in my email in box. It gives me dates and times so I can reply promptly. I have too many threads to do it any other way.
I use the View my Posts button, as well as a google doc to keep track of what replies I need to make. I find that way easy enough because I check to see if there have been replies just about every day :)
Wow you're organized! I tried subscribing but it goes to the email that I never check, so it's easier for me to just go through each forum and look for my threads. At least until I found out you could do the "view your posts" thing, hahaha.
San you can check those subscriptions if you go to user control panel -> subscriptions; it'll just lay 'em all out for you.

I use the subscriptions one, simply because it's easiest for me to do it this way. Thanks to the view your posts, I use that to update the wiki post logs of my current characters every month or two since it's the easiest way to order via topic start. TBH I miss the old board's subscription, idk why, I don't really remember /why/ i had liked that one better but -shrug- xD I still miss this way because I sometimes herp and don't subscribe. i used to use the thread log post but that is pretty much exclusively when i had 10x more concentration than I do now.
I keep my thread log super organized so I just use that. :3
Since I don't really get emails from any other site I just use the subscription feature and keep all the emails in my inbox and delete them when I finish replying. It's kind of messy but it works! xD
I suscribe to OOC threads or improtant threads. Other than that I use view posts.
I voted neither, but I am going to try out this Bookmarks thing. :D