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Full Version: Blacksmithery?
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Hey there!
Was wondering; is there any potential for a blacksmith on 'Souls?

All metals are finite resources but I figure since even in a post-apocalyptic era there would still be metal scraps and such in like junkyards, that perhaps it could be possible. There are also quite a few tools involved in the art, but I wouldn't plan for my character to be a professional by any means.

He would have been earlier in life a blacksmith's apprentice, so he wouldn't know an abundance about blacksmithing but it could be something useful he could do. Making a forge wouldn't be overly difficult, and I figured it wouldn't be too unreasonable if he had at least a few of the tools needed, though some of them would be of course unlikely for him to be able to obtain.

Likely abilities:
Sharpening objects (like sharpening the blade of a knife)
Making nails **useful skill for building, would expand a pack's ability to build and maintain structures
Making horse shoes **useful for horses required to carry a rider often or pull a cart or plow
Basic daggers?

He would also need to know how to make like round and flat stock to work with... ;n;

Tools needed:
Makeshift Anvil... though at least somewhat keeping the shape (so you could have a block and a horn) would be super helpful

Anyway, I know it is unlikely since it takes an awful lot of tools and such, but I wanted to ask and see if there would be any possibility of this ever happening |D
There is some information on metal-working on the RP Guide Materials page. I also know of a couple of blacksmith characters who have existed on 'Souls -- probably not masters because of the realism issues mentioned, but I know of an apprentice blacksmith, as well as the construction of a bloomery in Salsola. :>

Anyone who is more of an expert on this stuff can step in too. >__>; That's just the quick answer. <3
Oh, awesome! Thank you ^u^

Well, at least there have been blacksmithing characters before, so hopefully an apprentice blacksmith can have a few skills to offer!

I don't aim for him to be some super high trained blacksmith, but I am sure he would have picked up a few skills being an apprentice and could at least make a few more basic yet highly useful things (like horseshoes and nails).

So hopefully this might work out uwu