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Full Version: Sleight of Hand?
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So Isaac is a magician, and his main skill is in Sleight of Hand, (making things appear, disappear, change shape etc.)

And being a fan of magic, I watched a performer on Britain's Got Talent who had really good Sleight of Hand skills.
I just wanted to know how far along Isaac could go with Sleight of Hand, like, could he do a trick with involves making a dove appear, or supposedly ripping a dove in half to reveal another one?

Details of the act are here: http://youtu.be/gO_KyTtJg10?t=1m35s

Obviously some things are a no-no, like the flashes of lights and sparkly stuff. But as far as making the doves appear, is that possible for Isaac to learn?

He's already pretty much mastered most styles of Sleight of Hand, and so after finding/buying the doves, I'll have to do a thread or two of him practicing and training the birds.
I'm not at all familiar with the actual techniques behind such magic tricks, so it's difficult for me to comment about specifics. However, it should be noted that a canine's sense of perception are much, much better than a human's, and as a result, they'd be more difficult to fool. It's likely that a canine would be able to detect a hidden bird by either sound or smell, even if they can't see it, so illusionary tricks involving live animals would be especially hard.

I think in general, such tricks are okay, but unfortunately you'd need to spoil the "magic" of it and look into how things are actually done for a definite yes/no answer regarding animal-related tricks. :>