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Full Version: Help I'm a noob .
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My questions might be stupid since I'm pretty new to this . I'd like to know if my character can begin with a weapon , like a sword , and if he could have knowledge of a popular old human tale , like that of king Arthur ?
Hiya! ^^

I'm pretty sure he can start off with a sword - maybe not a great quality one, but it'd serve as a weapon.

As for King Arthur, hmm.. can he read? Is he from a part of the world/culture where the legends of King Arthur might have been handed down by word of mouth?

I hope someone else can give you better answers, but welcome!
Hey! I thought I'd drop in and maybe add a little bit to what Rat said.

As for the story, I think it would be reasonable if he found a book to read about or had roots in the United Kingdom somewhere where the story may be more popular? I personally think that a book containing the story would be a reasonable reason for your character to have knowledge of that.

As for the sword, smithing things is hard. :c You'd probably have to make good history connections or reasonable background on that since just finding a sword on the ground is very unlikely. Especially if he previously lived in a very rural area. To find a purposely made "well crafted" sword, your character would probably have to have come from the UK or Asia which are regarded as the more advanced parts of the Luperci world.

Ultimately, it's all about background and making things realistic to this universe. I think knowing the King Arthur story and having a sword would be totally fine given a good background. Though, that's just how I view it. Hope it didn't sound like I was totally copying Rat's response :o. Welcome to 'Souls!
I'm a little surprised at how nice and helpful people have been around here, I wish the rest of the internet was like this . Anyways from what i gather as long as i fit into my characters background realistically he can have what i want , sounds reasonable . though id like to know how could i describe my sword so that someone would understand that its low quality ?
A low quality sword would in theory be very used and the blade itself too dull to be effective. It doesn't cut very well, although sharpening a sword by hand is not unheard of. The blade could also be too thin, was not shaped to be completely smooth, too heavy, might be warped, etc. This page might be of some help! I think more experienced swordsmen could identify a low quality blade at a glance, but a large portion of wolves would not know high from low quality unless it was in their hands or being used in battle.

It could also be rusted or broken altogether, depending on the history of the blade with the owner, if it was recently scavenged, etc. ^^

I think if you wanted to have your character get it fixed, the wolves from Casa di Cavalieri would be a lot of help, too.
Everyone's given good information thus far!

You don't need to describe the sword as being low quality necessarily. The information may not always be relevant to what you're writing, but if the sword is in use or referenced as being used, you may sneak in a comment about how it wasn't very effective at what it was used for, or mention some problems that arose. Realism about a specific thing (the sword) doesn't need to take over your roleplay, but you should be aware of the limitations of the tool and keep it in mind when the sword does come into play. That's really all we ask for! :)