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Full Version: postscript issue
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i seem to have broken the board with my table coding but i don't have a clue how to fix it. i didnt see it would do that from the preview u_u no idea if i'm just missing a close tag or what, but sorry for the trouble right off the bat LOL

edit: while i'm at it, are we allowed to use gif images for tables? nothing huge for what i want, just something 500px wide that's mostly simple text beyond that. if i don't break that too
Did you close all your div tags? Normally when the board does that it's because there is an open div ^^

Also I am reading through the rules, etc. to see if I can find anything about gifs
I'm looking at this on my phone, so forgive me if I'm wrong x) I believe I see more closing div tags than opening ones.
I fixed it -- there was an extra </div> tag. :>

Also, animated GIFs may not be used in posting tables. From Graphics, rule 6:
Quote:Animated images (GIF files) and text (marquees, blinking effects) may not be used in avatars or post tables. GIFs may be used in profiles and signatures, provided the animation is non-intrusive (e.g., not overly distracting), loops smoothly (e.g., not flashing, strobing, or looping at a high speed), and not excessive (e.g., 10+ animated banners in your signature).
ah, thanks! sorry about that LOL i fiddled with the coding so much i lost track of the divs.

and thanks again for answering that~

appreciate it guys <3