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Full Version: Is my character plausible?
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I've passed through 'Souls from time to time, wanting to join but also being very afraid of all the information that you guys have. I've decided to just go for it! But I'm not sure if the character I've designed is acceptable or not. I'd love some input!

Name: Behrouz
Age: 13 months
Gender: Male
Subspecies: Canis lupus cubanensis x Canis lupus campestris x Canis lupus lupus x Canis lupus communis [Caspain Sea, Steppe, Russian, and Common Grey mix].
Dimensions: 116lbs [~130lbs in adulthood] x 32" long
Luperci: Yes [stuck in feral form]

Appearance: Having inherited mostly Grey Wolf traits, this boy thoroughly resembles the old world wolves from which he has descended. He is a mix and this mixing is apparent in subtle adaptations to his features. He is long in the body, heavier overall when compared to a pure Canis lupus lupus, and holds a washed-out pelt of cream; however, his pelt is warm instead of chilled with silver and greys. Berouz's face is masked with white that reaches from his chin to his brow, and cheek to cheek. From the crown of his head (between the rounded ears that sit higher and wider upon his head than they should, more Russian that Grey) there are an array of slate-gray hairs that pepper the back of his ears, head, and neck, and descend to his shoulders in a dark sweep across them as well. His upper back is barred in an agouti pattern commonly seen in north wolves, and this fades out along his sides to make way for a sunny cream. A more vivacious gold can be seen on his shoulders and hips, colouring his limbs in a bare manner, only to fade out to a cold white upon his paws. Berouz is a stout creature despite his height, and while the size of his paws boasts an overall increase by the time he is an adult, this child has a hard time keeping enough weight upon his body. This is probably due to being stuck in his feral form and being forced to live off of table scraps while on the ship from the Old World with his keeper.

History: Bastard children are not looked upon without scrutiny, and this one is no different. The mother of the litter was a flighty girl. Someone who desired affection and was quite good at receiving it in a timely manner; unaffected by who exactly it was that fawned over her. The Alpha's son held her in low esteem, but was a virile youth - someone who was accustomed to getting what he wanted, when he wanted it. She allowed him his chase but refused his advances each time, playing a game with the foolish boy. She would flirt with strangers in his presence, be seen in public hanging off of the arm of another Luperci, and be back in time for a dinner date with the boy. When she fell pregnant it wasn't a surprise, except for the heir. He knew it wasn't his own child that grew within her and it infuriated him - but he could do nothing in those initial months.

When the children were born and they resembled him of all people, rumours began to spread. Talk rose up in the ranks and the boy's father began to suspect something - at one point or another accusing his own son of being a traitor, which was swiftly set straight. With his anger aroused, the heir spread his own rumors: that the girl had been in cahoots with a known renegade and traitor to the crown, and now bore children that would rise up against the Alpha.

They survived only because their mother appeased the Alpha and his son whenever possible, even promising a child to them as payment for her life. When it came time to assume control over the child, the heir appeared with guards in tow and, upon issuing the order of her arrest, had them descend upon her and kill her in their home.

The pack heard all of this occur, and while they were afraid of the heir apparent, they knew it went against the will of their Alpha - so they informed him of what transpired. The heir was then removed from his position, cast out of the family for his murderous intent, and told to find a new life elsewhere. He then plotted the downfall of his own father for a couple of months, but with no supporters there was nothing he could do. The assumed child (now nearly a year old) from the unlawful pairing was taken in as the Alpha's new son, but it lasted only a fortnight before Behrouz was stolen from his bed one night.

Using his influence and meagre authority, the abductor begged with the ship's crew to allow him passage, smuggling Behrouz with him to a new world; most believed that the wolf was a wild animal, a companion to the Luperci that was as bright as a wild animal. They did not question him. After a month on board the ship, the man grew sick with fever. By the time they reached the port he had descended in to a maddened state of sickness, often disturbing other travellers with his deplorable behaviour. Eventually his mind followed after his body, and when the pair were set to depart from the ship, the man was found dead in his bunk. Behrouz had been an orphan ever since his mother's death, but it only became truly apparent when his sole companion passed; still perceived as a simple beast, the ship's crew coerced him out of his hiding place and on to dry land, where he was once again abandoned.

Plans: Have him end up in Salsola as a slave, until he learns he can shift!
I couldn't find the edit button, but I did! /ignore me.
Just a couple of little things I caught!

First of all -- you said that he shifted due a traumatic event when he was a few months old, but then that he is stuck in his "feral" / Lupus form. The shift could happen early (~5 months for an abnormally early, traumatic shift is fine) -- but I'm not sure how he'd be stuck in Lupus unless he shifted back. All Luperci are born in Lupus form and remain in Lupus form until their first shift, where they shift into Optime and from there can go back and forth at will.

Secondly, I don't think that the reference to Cour des Miracles would work. :< Unless your character/companion/whomever actually were on board and lived in CdM, the assumption that these two characters lived there wouldn't work. It would be altering the history of the pack, in a way, since those characters never did live there!

I'm not sure about the reference to Salsola -- if you plan to play this happening on board, for instance having him accepted there as a slave or something, I think it'd be fine. :> Otherwise, I'd check with Salsola leadership to see if this passing reference is okay.

Hopefully that makes sense, and someone else can clarify since I had to write this in a bit of a rush. ^^;
I've been doing so much reading, I must have skipped / forgotten that they are born in Lupus form! Ok, I can fix that.

I was also thinking of having his companion (the abductor) get sick on the ship over, leaving Behrouz to fend for himself in the wilderness and maybe find his way somewhere IC that way.
I'd say that calling him a child is a little off, just because most packs have adulthood at or even before 1 year of age, and your character is already 13 months old, which puts him at about 18 years old, which by most current standards is an adult.

As for the profile, I think the history at the end is very confusing to me. I'm not sure to whom you are referring with the boy and who was getting sick. D: I'd recommend you at least use your characters name to denote what was happening to him because I was genuinely confused xD;
Ah, yeah, I came up with his name after writing the rest. I'll edit the ending to make it clearer.