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Full Version: Catacomb Images
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So~ feel free to call me silly for asking this, but where are all the images for the catacombs? All of them - OOC, IC, and the individual packs. Since it's been a while I figured I'd update my characters' catacombs to see if they've earned anything, and they have, but for the life of me I can't find the proper images to replace the "unearned" ones. I found a few just by nicking them from other people's wiki pages, but I'm guessing there's a page I've missed where they're all available?
Pack catacombs normally are on the pack websites
i.e. Anathemas spiders

and here's the link to the other IC and OOC ones.

click here, click here for another
Well, at least with my knowledge, the overall OOC and IC catacombs for souls are found here: [x]

However, the pack catacombs are found on the site websites generally, at least through my experience with them. Anathema calls them Arachnids, Salsola Anicombs and Vinatta uses Beads I believe, which need to be claimed through Maintenance. Or that's how I've seen it before.

I hope this helped, most packs have it under their game or culture tabs and each have varying things. So, yeah!

EDIT: J is too quick for me.
Ah, so I was just being stupid, only looking on the wiki and not searching through the pack pages. :P

Many thanks J and Owl!
yw broski! :D