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Full Version: Puppy points question!
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If anyone could please help me and my derpiness right now, I'm planning on requesting for pups for Laurel soon BUT I don't know how many points we start off with.
This month marks her 6th month on souls, but I was absent for a while.... -_- but I've picked Laurel back up ^.^
ANYWHO! I know the timing on when to request for pups an all... Just want to know how many points we start off with and is Laurel eligible to have living/playable babies seeing as I wasn't active with her for a while.
The character contributing puppy points has to have been active for at least six consecutive months at the time of request. So if she was picked up, then dropped, and picked up again -- it would be from the last time she was picked up. In your case, she would not be able to contribute any puppy points until October 9th 2014.

A player has three puppy points to spend every calendar year, which they can spread among the eligible characters if they have more than one.

Make sure you've read the Puppy Procedures if you haven't already! ^^
Thanks for the help ^.^