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Full Version: Master Contact/Art Account List?
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I was just wondering if there was any sort of master list of 'Souls players' contact info and/or their art accounts. If there is, I am blind and cannot find it. X3 I'm mainly looking to add as many 'Souls artists to my DeviantArt and FurAffinity account right now. Please halp. Thx. ^^
I know several people in the paid artist's directory have links to those sites here. We also have a DA Group here where our artists like to submit.
I did find the DA group (after some digging). I've been busy in there already. XD I'll check out the paid artist directory next. Thanks. ^^ I know some people haven't listed their info in there though since they don't take commissions or whatever though so I may not get everyone. X3
You might try just going through the Players list on the Wiki. Most artists have their off-board accounts listed there, whether it's dA, FA, Tumblr, or whatever.