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Full Version: Accent advice/help?
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So my new character Lief is Irish and he has an Irish accent. I'm kind of torn on how I should go about using that. Should I adjust the way I type/spell his words? And if so, how would you guys recommend changing them? Or should I write his speech normally and just put in his signature of wherever it would be most notable, that he has an Irish accent when he speaks and just leave the accent to people's imagination and to fill in themselves when they read my posts?

I really appreciate any advice or ideas you guys can give me. :)
Most of my characters don't have a strong accent -- Wayne I think was the most? But, personally -- accents can be very hard to read and comprehend for me. I personally prefer when someone makes the occasional note of it (even something as simple as "He said in his Irish brogue") so that I can understand what is being written. Phonetically writing things out tends to bother me -- unless it's small things like droppin' the end offa words 'n' stuff like that.

That's my personal preference, though! I also can't write accents to save my life, so.
If you want to take on the added challenge of trying to spell how your character talks (I think this way it makes it easier for other roleplayers to realize that he's not talking like everyone else), I suggest maybe watching some videos of people with an Irish accent, and deriving your own interpretation of spelling from there.
I basically do as Raze says and just write normally and address in a post every now and then (usually the first post of talking) that he has a slight Scottish accent. I also state it clearly in his profile. I also struggle with reading accents sometimes on souls which is part of why I don't write it out personally!
I too agree with Raze and Melissa. I'd write the speech normally, but say how he said it ("in an irish lilt" etc.) in the detailings of your post. I think for a lot of people reading phonetically spelled out accents is difficult. X3 I sometimes will do it with Kenna, but it's so hard to keep up, so I just have it written in her profile/wiki that she's got a western accent.
Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to go with what the majority of you said and just be sure to mention it in my post as well as Lief's profile. I'll also have him use words that are more associated with Irish accents or dialects.
I'm late, but I have a character (Lorelei) that has a heavy German accent, and honestly I think it makes it really fun to type how they would mispronounce things. Sure, it can be hard to read, but then again it can be hard for their character to perceive - so in a way, it works both ways.

It's honestly your preference, whether or not majority goes the way you want them too - in my opinion, I think it gives the character more obvious 'character', and plus its fun once you get the hang of it ! :)
It's completely a personal issue - only remember to make the accent readable if you choose to type with it :)
I generally am not a fan of accents being typed out, unless it's minimal things (like Raze said); fully typed accents often puts me of rp'ing with a character, because i find them hard to read and therefore it becomes hard for me to respond to and enjoy the thread, but that's just my personal stance on the matter!
I'm on the fence for things like this - I've had characters in the past where I've simply mentioned the accent (she spoke with a musical Irish lilt; his voice was crisp and regally British - etc etc) AND I've had characters where I've attempted to put their accents into their speech-text. At the moment, I play Agrippa, with whom I do the latter simply for fun. I've never considered that that might be annoying to other players before! Perhaps because I have no real preference myself :B

But I will note: Having the character's speech actually reflect their accents is more memorable for me, and provided it isn't over the top or super confusing, I think it's pretty entertaining. As with Sammiie's example of Lorelei (and Lorelei's father, Cotl), I definitely remember characters with written accents, as it seems to make them stand out more to me.