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Full Version: Heat?
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I have scoured the entire forum and RPG Guide for an answer to this soooo here I am. So, a gestation cycle for a female is roughly two months, or 60 days. So, how long does a heat last? And how often do they occur? I know wolves/dogs typically are in heat for about 3-4 weeks, every 6 months...I think. But I don't know if those numbers are different for a luperci or not, like the maturity is a little different. So, yeah. Help is appreciated so Veri doesn't look silly, having a weird heat cycle. ^.^;
:) Since this relates to reproduction, you're in no way required to write it out; 'Souls allows a fair amount of leeway for realism in this area, and that's why there aren't any solid rules about heat cycles and so forth. From the Tumblr: "However, as not every roleplayer at ‘Souls wants to roleplay things relevant to sex, reproduction, etc., we do not mandate anything with regard to the realism of optime breasts, genitals, heat cycles, etc."

Some players prefer to go by humanized standards for their characters, others like to refer to the practices of wolves in the wild, and both are okay.

If it's something you'd like to explore for your character, you're free to set your own schedule and not worry about Veri "having a weird heat cycle". According to Wikipedia, "Proestrus and estrus can last anywhere from 5 days to 21 days", so that's probably a good place to start. As for how frequently, on average wolves cycle once a year, dogs cycle twice, and Luperci are assumed to do so more frequently if at all. New Dawn encourages their characters to set a 3-month schedule, and their numbers might give you an idea for Veri. ;)
Miyu's got it. We don't have precise guidelines about reproduction aside from what is outlined here on the RP Guide's Reproduction page... on which, information about heat cycles is suspiciously absent. >_> So we are probably gonna have to make an update here, encompassing what the linked Tumblr answers essentially state:

But basically, yes -- this is up to you. Your character can have a more human cycle, including more frequent cycles of fertility and menses, like a human. Or your character can have a more canine cycle cycle, including annual or bi-annual cycles of fertility and periods of heat. Or you can blend both and have a canine cycle without the heat, or a human cycle with monthly heat. As long as what you're doing has a basis in some reality (whether canine, human, or a blend of both), we're okay with it.

We did this primarily because we didn't want to enforce players do one or the other. Some players get a kick out of playing heat cycles; other players don't care for it at all; still other players don't even want to think about these things. We wanted to give a bit of wiggle room here, especially as it can be an uncomfortable subject for some. :)
Added a bit about estrous cycles to RP Guide's Reproduction page. Very basic, but hopefully it's a bit more informative as far as "we don't really care" lol.
Extra word, last paragraph~ "or your character can have a more canine cycle cycle"
Thanks, fixed! ^^