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Full Version: Extra Puppy Point + Multi-Father Litters
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Say someone qualifies for an extra puppy point, what I want to know if this can be used in the case of multi-father litters. Say it is the mother contributing both points. Could a regular puppy point be used for father #1 and then the extra puppy point be used for father #2 or would it only be able to be applied to only a single father even if pups from both fathers would be born in the same litter?
If it's the /mother/ contributing points and getting an extra point, the father-genes can come from whoever. If it's one of the /fathers/ getting an extra point, he'd only be able to contribute his own genetic material. If I understand your question right. Let me know if not!
Yeah, you got it right. It is the mother contributing both points but wanting to spread them across two different fathers.