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Full Version: [wiki] Multiple Wiki Page Stuff I Need Help With Plz!
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I'm currently working on completely revamping Kenna's wiki page (transferring all info over to the 2013 template) and I'd like to spiff it up and make the header bars have some color to them like the yellow color is here on Kjintora's wiki if at all possible. I'd like to make the color on Kenna's page be a tan-brown (#8B4500 perhaps?). Any help doing that would be awesome.

Another issue I have is some of the old sections I had with the old template I'd like to put back in there but I'm gonna need formatting help so that things show up right and don't skew the template and stretch the page and what not (specifically images). I like to have the images show up rather than being links wherever possible. I'm mainly referring to having pics of her NPC animals and her house etc showing up.

I could also use some help creating the second side bar/table under the "Appearance" section like in Kjintora's wiki and have that show up in Kenna's wiki since I don't think the template comes with that...? But I wonder, if by doing that will I lose the table of contents table? <_< i would like to avoid that if possible? Maybe make the table of contents collapsible? Gah, things are so confusing, lol.

Anyone willing to help me out with this little project of mine? I'll be filling in the new template slowly here today so you'll see progress being made if ya lurk on her wiki. XD Thanks whoever helps. <3


Oh, and a couple other things I thought of:

1. Is it possible to change the main Header sections font to something else?

2. Would someone be willing to create and/or color a pixel set for me of Kenna? (I will request this in talents if need be.)

3. If I wanted to go into detail about the place Kenna was born, would I make my own wiki page for that in areas or...? How does something like that work?

If I think of anything else I'll post here. Don't want to clutter up the wiki forum. :)
Moving over to Wiki collab forum! :D
Thanks Sie. I was gonna originally post in this in here, but for some reason there is no "New Topic" button. XD
... I will fix that. XD Thank you and sorry about this!
Lol, np. ^^
I has some answers for the bottom questions! (Kind of vague, might add more)

1. Since the Wiki is meant to super readable and there is only one or two fonts that are used on the wiki, you can't change the header fonts or anything. It's just Times. You also can't change the color of the headers I'm pretty sure (might have to investigate this!)

2. I'm gonna color you some pixels after I get all of my necessary computer-y stuff opened up.

3. As long as the area adheres to the player-made area rules, I'm pretty sure that you would be able to make it :D

Also, if you're on Skype I can hop over there and help you with transferring information between templates.
1. You can change the header color, but you shouldn't, as Kite says, because the Wiki should be super-readable and different colors/fonts/fancy makes it harder to edit and harder to read.

3. Yup, echoing Kite. Areas page. You can edit the World Territories page and create the link there if you want. :>
Thanks Kite and thanks Sie. I think for now I've got everything looking how I want it. SO MUCH DETAIL OMG. XD