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Full Version: What do you consider a "fast" reply? A slow reply?
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Thanks to Sie, we've got these nifty little signature icons that can indicate a player's current reply speed!

[html]<div id="signature-icons" style="text-align:center;">
<a href="#" class="reply-fast" title="REPLY SPEED: FAST"></a>
<a href="#" class="reply-medium" title="REPLY SPEED: MEDIUM"></a>
<a href="#" class="reply-slow" title="REPLY SPEED: SLOW"></a>
@import url('http://sleepyglow.net/rp/icons/signature-icons.css');

This is super useful -- but I feel like it would be more useful if there was some general consensus on "slow," "medium," or "fast" reply speed. I know I had trouble figuring out if, on average, my reply speed was considered "fast" or not -- so I thought I'd throw this discussion up and see what people thought. :O

What is fast to you? An hour, a day? As long as it's within a week? What about slow -- do you think slow is more than a week to reply, or does a slow reply take about a month?

I thought if everyone gave their two cents it might help give people a ballpark for a medium reply speed, etc., and help us figure out what these icons mean, as well as just open up discussion about reply speeds in general -- such as how long you usually take vs how long you'd like to take, etc.

P.S. Remember that everyone has different posting speeds for a lot of reasons -- from the rare emergency, to constants like work and school, to just writing long posts and taking a lot of time for thought before replying. Remember that "slow" isn't necessarily bad.

Edit: Gonna tally up all the averages so far... (my math is also just bad, so be warned).

Fast: within ~4 days
Medium: within ~12 days
Slow: greater than ~12 days
In general I would consider:
Fast - Within a week
Medium - Within 2 weeks
Slow - 2+ weeks

Edit: Sunny started discussing her writing times so I thought I would too! XD
I personally take FOREVER to write a post - usually between 20-30 mins. I get super distracted very easily and I just really struggle to concentrate - particularly considering I usually have a tv going in the back ground and have facebook and AIM open. I REALLY should just isolate myself in my room without any distractions and stay off AIM and other social media's while posting but I suck at self control XD So yup....I can only get done like 2 posts in an hour due to my inability, but insistence, to multi-task <.<

For example yesterday I did one post in like an hour because I was also having about 5 AIM conversation, talking to my mother on facebook and editing Casa website images..... :|
Personally, this is my general reply speed "code", but everyone's is different!

Fast: 1-3 days
Medium: 4-7 days
Slow: 1+ Weeks

For me, the actual act of replying doesn't take that long (usually around 5 minutes); usually my wait times are due to other things preventing me from posting, like homework, commissions, etc., but when I do get around to posting, I usually do it in spurts of 3-4 posts within 15-20 minutes and then take a break.
I have to agree with Sunny's interpretation of the speeds, they make the most sense to me. I also only take about 5 minutes to write an average length reply, and do it in spurts. I usually reply to all my outstanding threads in one afternoon, then wont go back for several days or more.
I'm going to be a weird one because I have random days, especially since I'm not medicated for a type of depression that eats at my motivation eeeee.

Fast: 1-4 days
Medium: 5-14 days
Slow: 2 weeks+

Often I end up being very slow just because school eats my attention, and if I get my mind on a game, I just can't focus on other things x__x. Othertimes, I get interest for a character and I just post with them like insane. Though these random late night post races have been helpful.

I'm actually pretty speedy a typer, if I really like the thread or know /exactly/ what i'm saying before I type, and can eek out the post in like 10 minutes (less if I REALLY know what I'm saying, because I backspace and word choice and crap).
Fast: 1-3 days
Medium: 4+ days
Slow: 1.5 weeks+

Average replies are usually a 10-15 minute commitment on my end -- even in spreeing I average around ten minutes at least, uninterrupted, but I try to devote a loving level of quality to all my writing regardless of character or plot. Longer threads end up around 25 or 30 minutes. Those long ROs I do occasionally are 1-2 day commitments, broken up in chunks with heavy editing between other posts or other activities. I schedule myself a few posts everyday at least, as I get burnt out quickly doing them all in one afternoon, and generally do not post at night. My wait times are pretty much for that reason; five characters' worth of threads spread out over time makes for a slight delay.

My goal is not to catch up, but to have quality posts and no dips in muse.
I agree more so with Melissa on how I look at reply speed. Though I marked all characters slow I'm not always that slow it's a precaution due to work
I, too, agree more with Melissa.
Fast = 1-7 days
Medium = 8-14 days
Slow = >15 days

It also takes me a good chunk of time to write a post, so I generally reserve posting for weekends when I have more time to commit to putting out more quality stuff c:
I'm really bad at procrastinating, especially, like Gen said, if I get my mind on a game or something like that. And sometimes that procrastination reaaaally works against me because when I have a bajillion threads that need to be replied to, it gets hard to decide which one to reply to first. So then I spend so much time deciding what to reply to that my time is suddenly gone and I have to do something else (work, bed, Kennedy, w/e) and then the cycle starts over next time I'm at the computer for replies.

I'm also very easily distracted by everything, from AIM to games to other websites and I usually have several tabs of those open at any one time. Fast for me is anything from immediate to say.. two weeks or a little less? Two weeks to three is medium, and everything after is slow.
Also with Melissa.

If I am having even one AIM conversation and I'm paying attention to it, I'm probably not able to do much else. >_>
Fast: 1 day
Medium: 1 week+
Slow: 2 weeks+

I'm also one of those easily distracted people, but personally, my post speed relies heavily on the amount of muse I have for the character I'm posting. Even with music, TV, and other things going on around me I can churn out a post in about 10-15 minutes if I have a lot of muse for that particular character. Otherwise it'll take me 20, 30, or sometimes even 45 minutes to an hour to post for a character I don't have a lot of muse for. What I'm replying to is also something that affects my posting speed. If it's a post that's easy to follow and gives me a lot to work with, I can kick out a quick reply to that. If it's something that's hard to follow, super vague, or doesn't give me a lot to work with, I have a hard time coming up with a reply and it takes a while. But that's just me~
My numbers are the same as Sunny's:

Fast: 1-3 days
Medium: 4-7 days
Slow: 1+ Weeks

I have definitely been in all three categories recently. How fast I reply is actually sometimes affected by how quickly the other person replies. If they're currently in the 'slow' category, I might have trouble coming up with a quick reply because I have to get back into the mood of the thread. If it's more rapid, it's easier for me. I try to do my posts in the order that I get them, but sometimes I just have so much muse for one that thread it's completely distracting, and it ends up getting replied to more rapidly.
Fast: 1 week
Medium: 2 weeks
Slow: 1 month

It takesme about an hour to do a reply because I am easily distracted. Plus I stop and research ideas that pop in my head while writing a reply. So yeah, a single post can take me hours when I get in research mode since I have to check for realism and accuracy in my ideas and what I wish to add inti my posts. But yeah, I try and respond to oldest to newest and when I reply with one character then I have to do a post with them all. For some reason everyone needs to be even with their posts or I feel unsettled, the same way my tabs have to be in a certain order and items on my taskbar.
Somebody want to compile this into a poll? O: I am down for codifying the most popular answer into the signature icons topic for sure.
Sylvey, that sounds like me too. ;; I'm a very meticulous writer who has to fact-check and research or else I get uncomfortable that I'm "making stuff up". That also includes re-reading the entire thread, checking appearances on profiles, etc etc. It's basically impossible for me to spree or race because one hour is an average reply time. :O I'm trying to break the habit by shutting off my internet when I write, which works for a little while but inevitably starts to drive me nuts. xD

I hate everyone who can reply in less than ten minutes, you speed demons get off the road