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Full Version: what the heck is "DnD"
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because it's clearly not Dungeons n Dragons so what the heck is it I have no idea
Do Not Delete. :3 Basically this keeps your thread out of the archive a little longer. Most threads are archived after no one replies for four weeks. DND extends that to somewhere around three months, more or less, and keeps the thread in the active forums so you can post to it when you're ready to do so.

It is a bit of a silly name, as we never actually delete roleplay -- we always, always archive it.
I always figured it to be Do Not Disturb... Just cause the thread is left alone and not messed with, not disturbed basically.
... :| That is actually pretty smart and I like it! Secondary DND meaning. :D
Ah, okay, that makes sense! Thank you! ^w^ <3