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Full Version: Secui Prejudice
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Okay, so I just had this giant epiphany about Secui form and I really wanted to discuss this. Why is Secui form the least used form out of all three form almost every character on the board? I just want to know everyone's reasons behind not liking Secui form that much. Optime is almost always the preferred form, at least from what I've seen. I'm curious and have been rattling my brain thinking about this.

Personally, I usually don't use it because I feel like my characters are able to express themselves better in Optime form. I suppose I relate better to my character when they have hands and feet like me. Even I neglect to use Secui form for more than hunting and traveling.

I realize that in Optime form a character can wield weapons and do pretty much anything a human could do, but wouldn't Secui form have more power? I consider it the form with the most muscle and brute strength out of the three. If a character were to battle in Secui form they would be strong, even against an Optime. But it seems nobody taps into this potential and overlooks Secui form completely. It's either Lupus or Optime. But, why? Surely Secui form would have less handicaps than Lupus even. Since it's a halfling form, then the hands would be slightly developed allowing for some handle on objects. It wouldn't be enough for them to effectively wield a weapon but they could disarm their Optime opponent and then overpower them with brute strength. I believe the form would also be fast with elongated limbs and improved grip on the ground. It is also the most intimidating out of all three forms.

Just wanted to type out my thoughts and see what you all thought about Secui form. :)
For me, it really all boils down to the character, and how they feel about each form.

As a player, I've been on all manner of wolf related forums, so playing my characters in "lupus" form, "optime" form, and even human form isn't really much of a stretch for my imagination and I never have a hard time relating to my characters, even the ones I've adopted. Here, I've always looked at secui form from my characters' perspectives instead of my own (cause personally, I think secui is kind of funny looking xD) and imagine what they feel like about that form and using it in their day to day lives.

Vepar and Scorpius both use their secui forms quite a lot because they are feral hunters, and the larger more powerful form is best suited for taking down large prey like deer, elk, caribou, and the like. Scorpius even prefers his secui over his lupus form, which he rarely uses. On the other hand, Dreyma is almost exclusively lupus because her "uncle" taught her to apprecaite her lupus form more than the others, so much so that she is almost never in optime.
That too. A lot of it does have to do with what my characters think of the form. But then again, I never really put thought into it and we do ultimately decide what out characters like and dislike. I also think the fact that Secui looks a bit funny and different from the other forms may be a reason a lot of people don't use it. It's one of the reasons I haven't used it too.

I'm planning on having a character use Secui form and specialize in fighting in that form. But all the characters I have now and have had in the past rely mostly on Optime form, aside from Fayne who for a long time refused to use Optime form due to her past. I think I only have one thread in my entire stay on 'Souls where character used Secui form to take down prey and that was the only reference I ever made to it.

I just realized how awesome Secui form is. It's the closest to the essence of a werewolf, powerful, fast, large, and I guess you could make certain changes to appearance to make it not look so strange. But I think it's supposed to be a strange form. :3
I have Hug and he remains primarily in Secui form.
I did not know that! It's exciting to me. X3

Maybe there are more than I thought? I'll have to keep an eye out.
It also boils down to the character for me. Hotaru used her secui more than she used her lupus, although her optime was her favored form because she was blind. Raeka completely ignores her optime and secui form and really only uses her lupus form. She is a verto and didn't become a shifter until late in life, so her preference remains in the lupus. Kohaku on the other hand uses him optime form almost exclusively because it is "civilized." However, when he hunts, it is as a secui. Kiara only uses her lupus form because well… she can't shift XD.
Vesper prefers Lupus since she was born non-Luperci, and Secui feels weird since the size is off from how she's used to, but she uses Secui if she's hunting something big like deer -- or if she's cold. xD She likes being bigger/having more fur so she uses it a lot in winter. Skoll, meanwhile, uses ALL his forms pretty much equally -- it's just how he feels that day as far as if he wants to shift. xD He's become quite adept at it just because the form he is in is completely random. (Edit: Forgot Messiah -- he also uses different forms a lot, but since he's small, he'll use Secui to be decent-sized to actually fight.)

One disadvantage with Secui form, however, is that it has less endurance -- it's not awesome for traveling a long time, even if it's faster than the other forms. :>
Yeah, ditto on it boiling down to character. I didn't understand preferring Secui until I started playing Farina, who is all about flaunting her power and independence. In secui form, she's really scary -- and her fighting style is all about throwing her huge body at things instead of using technique or speed, so it's natural for it to be preferred equally with Optime for her.

In my opinion it's least used because Optime is so common, and most of the time those preferring Lupus are individuals who can't shift or are very feral. :3 That and it really does take some special circumstances in a character's personality to logically prefer it over Optime or Lupus, which are equally more convenient in different ways.
Personally, Secui form looks weird and that's what puts me off. My characters have a slightly different outlook, tho.

Bec is extremely uncomfortable in any form other than Optime since she hasn't used them since she first learned to shift. Her childhood environment required hands at all times, and Bec feels ungainly and clumsy on all fours with undextrous paws. However, since she's learning to hunt traditionally now, I'm gonna have her get used to Secui form and use it for hunting. It is stronger and faster, after all.

Dušek on the other hand is extremely vain. Both his Lupus form and Optime form are beautiful-- Secui less so. He avoids it for this reason alone, and the fact that he hunts with a bow means he doesn't need it.
Ataxia has used Seculi to fight the Boreas, and generally prefers it when she's fighting or hunting - although she uses Optime form a lot and is learning how to fight in that form too. She is small for a wolf, so it seems logical that she would try to compensate for that. Maybe other characters aren't as insecure about their size?

I would mostly blame it on the increase of technology and/or weapons that you can use in Optime form. Also, horses. You can't ride a horse in Seculi. A luperci on a warhorse should be pretty impressive, since the horse can kick/run over their opponents while their rider uses a weapon to attack.
I developed a 'fear' in Jazper for using his lupus form so Seuci is the only four legged form he ever uses! Essentially ever since he gained the ability to shift he's developed a fear of being unable to protect his loved ones and he views lupus as the weakest of the three forms so he has only ever shifted back to lupus twice since shifting age.

Veyra on the other hand only uses seuci form for hunting large game as she was raised in a very feral tradition. However, she has been using her optime form a lot for diplomacy.