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Full Version: New Board: Bug Reports
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Errors, bugs, skin and template issues regarding the new board should be posted here! Examples of things that belong in this thread include:
  • Board produces an error message
  • Board function not behaving as expected (i.e. unable to edit, unable to PM)
  • Color of links terrible/hard to read
  • Board elements positioned weird or misaligned
  • Images not being displayed
  • Incorrect permissions
  • Broken links in core information topics

Please be thorough in your descriptions of errors. Include browser information and screenshots if possible! Thanks a ton!

Note: Game-related maintenance (archiving threads, chat login requests, thread revivals, etc) should be posted in the [html]regular Maintenance thread. If you are an active member migrating from our old board and need to be titled, please post in the Migration Maintenance thread[/html].
This is a list of various items we're already aware of, and for which we ask your patience in fixing/handling/etc. <3

  • Forums incapable of sorting alphabetically: Roleplay Information and a few other forms are weirdly sorted. No workaround.

  • Error message font color = ugly
    • Also, not really sure what "Error message font color = ugly" means... what error messages where? D;

  • When replying, reply history does not render HTML
  • When previewing signatures, does not render HTML