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Full Version: [ART] Despi's Marching Wuffer template!
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Thought I'd just reupload this for everyone ;u; Surprised people still use it. If you have 'em, feel free to send them my way and I'll just show them off here, yeah? :D

[Image: wuffmarchtemplate.png]

[Image: wandywalker.png]

Characters: (In order, left to right)
This is still such a lovely template and thank you for reposting it. C:
Can i has a marching woof?
I made you one, Miranda, just 'cause I was doing the others. :D
[Image: cLwyc.png]

And here are my active characters! I redid the old ones I had to add accessories and stuff, and some new ones. C:
[Image: 5QV3w.png] [Image: jWBfJ.png] [Image: aLXXi.png] [Image: uiojd.png] [Image: pZehF.png]
I wish I could edit/color them as well as you do Raze. ;_; I fail every time. DX
Can i has another Marching woofer for Tyra?
finally figured out how to color these, I love this template. Thanks Despi!

[Image: 9nTgz.png]
aww... i want one
@Miranda: I'll tweet to see if any AniWayans can help you out! I would do it, but using a mouse with my laptop is insanely laggy and I don't have a computer where I can use a mouse. :'(

March, wolfies, march!

[Image: Auguste_march.png] [Image: Andira_march.png] [Image: Carya_march.png] [Image: Valerian_march.png]
Thanks Tammi, :)
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There's alot of them here. I ought to go through and update/add, since I never got all the way through them.
These are great! :3
Ooh, I'd love to use this for the wiki!! One silly question, though. How do I colour them without the .psd file?
You save the PNG and then open it and then you make a new layer and set that layer on multiply and color the new layer.
does anyone know where the coyote and dog templates went? ):
@Kite: The other templates were in a separate topic, I believe, and I don't see it now? :O

...But I re-uploaded them here for convenience. :>

[Image: 7i1YlIs.png]
[Image: GBPAAns.png][Image: X1dLyfj.png]
[Image: vX4RlDO.png][Image: FvNEizN.png]
[Image: KrYyn9C.png][Image: dF41gF1.png]
[Image: Sm4nGe4.png][Image: ywkIeKE.png]
miyu is the best ~ <3 *colors furiously*
Here's one I made for an old English sheep dog; could be used for an Airedale too or other shaggy dog

[Image: MHOh9UM.png]
THAT is cool :D
I edited the Secui and Optime pixels for those charries with drop ears instead of pricked.

[Image: kTBCT72.png] [Image: 9c9gVnL.png]
Ooh! Could you perhaps droop the ears on the female Optime one too? :D
Can do! I'm a little less sure on the tail, but if you're okay with that I can color Kenna pixels while I'm at it?
Sure thing! That'd be awesome. <3
[Image: NxQ2iRT.png] There's the blank. I'll post yours in your request thread in juuuuust a bit. Got a few to do. xD
Yay! Thank you! <3
I mashed together a few of the pixels- namely, the Sheepdog pixel- to make a mastiff/ any big and fluffy dog pixel. I'm that one person who plans all my characters way ahead of time, so I made this and thought it might come in handy to someone else.
[Image: A6OArkv.png]

[Image: OfwJeyR.png]

[Image: 6l9zGai.png]
^ that is super coool!
There doubtful will be many English bull terrier cross characters running around but I'll leave these here anyway in case Spike has BABIES :D

[Image: obJDt32.png] [Image: FGFtNN1.png] [Image: NP6yvyd.png]
Does anybody remembrer the optime and secui tempplates for wolves? :(
I have them in my imgur I think, let me look and I'll edit.

[Image: HwMVjDA.png] [Image: 9ylsnev.png][Image: e7tlvPz.png]
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