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Brought back from the old board because Vida and I are discussing this and fangirling all over.

So basically your 'Souls one true pairing(s). Also, say what you think the ship name would be because that's always fun :'D

Some of my OTPs are Insomnia (SommyxSommy), Gradore (GraiexJ'adore) and Valdore (ValintaxJ'adore)

WHAT ARE YOURS? and add more as you think of them, OTPs are magical creatures.
I like most of the pairings on 'Souls because they all tend to be cute or perfectly matched, but some of my OTP's include Saulin (Saul and Lilin) Nierce (Niernan and Grace) and Leneraire (Lena and Temeraire).
I am now shipping Salvia and TK because of this thread: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://soulsrpg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=2610">viewtopic.php?f=40&t=2610</a><!-- l -->
Eris and Pandemic. Full stop.
Paneris ahaha. Everything Eris does anymore creeps me the hell out, man. Thankfully she is not violent. Just... creepy. Really creepy.

Leneraire is really good, too.

Mine will always be Kae and Ahren. ;__; <3 I craiiiid when Mel and I tried to write this in... 2010, was it? I think, anyway. Tears were sheddeded and I could not finish the post. IT MADE ME HAVE SUCH A SAD. D:

Ohhhh and of course Shmee and Stormy. ;_;_;:_;;:_________;.
Liam and Ayasha Forever! Also, when they were active, Frilene :D I also am a fan of Miqui and like every woman in SL and possibly beyond :D Saqui and Claudius are cute together too >.>
Silas and Halo forever! :|
Also, Caillen and Talitha. So friggin' adorable!
Oh and Kaena and Gabriel. I don't care what nobody says, mayn!
Itachi and China were pretty much the greatest thing ever too.
:I Tobias the Buttpirate x EVERY MAN IN 'SOULS was still my favorite pairing.

Wandy x Nothing = Bestpairing.
I still vote Perci x Tobi pls. :I

And Sabi x A rock maybe. She may still find it a waste of time committing herself to having anything to do with it.
Ataxia D'Angelo Wrote:I am now shipping Salvia and TK because of this thread: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://soulsrpg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=2610">http://soulsrpg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=2610</a><!-- m -->

that was unintentional but I see what you mean

I made both my OTPs cannon because Alaine and I are shipmates. :|
Can I ship both Laruku/ Tsunami and Ahren/ Laruku because I loved them both? ;_; <3
Nat and I have just decided we are, OOCly, an OTP thing. Our name?

Claudius Aston Wrote:Can I ship both Laruku/ Tsunami and Ahren/ Laruku because I loved them both? ;_; <3

Yessssssssssssss. Yessssss.
people liking leneraire warms my soul. ;____;

Aside my own characters' relationships, since of course they are all my OTPs, some couples I like are:
Silas and Halo (Been liking them the moment I joined back in 2010) and Sirius and Ezekiel (5ever)

also, if you don't love myrives, I can't talk to you. I kid, but srsly.
Leviava!(Keldava and Leviothan! <3<3<3) Coboose(Cody and Caboose), Leneraire(Secretly stalks their threads) <.<, and... Kenadrian(Kenna and Adrian)
Sebastian X ALL THE MEN.

OTP 5evr.
I will now begin to ship Alister Callow and Lola together..
<!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.soulsrpg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&p=23432#p23432">viewtopic.php?f=53&p=23432#p23432</a><!-- l --> <.< proof

Plus...Their names together make Lolster!


Salvia Eternity Wrote:I made both my OTPs cannon because Alaine and I are shipmates. :|

[Image: tumblr_mezex0yDKa1ri5rlbo2_500.gif]

Zekius and Gabelaine, MY HEART WILL GO ON

I need to get back in the game and creep on some other-people's couples. Vesper/Myri makes me want to cry grossly because I love it/them/RazeSie.
Shawchert x Sky, of course! :D

Cody x Caboose! B)

Lena x Temeraire!

ASPATH. (Aspirin x Ridpath) I've been reading all of their threads together <3
I totes ship
Jacinto x E'rrybody
Elody and Mido are cute too

I agree on Salvia and TK btw and all of these
Nora Wrote:ASPATH. (Aspirin x Ridpath) I've been reading all of their threads together <3
You have
I feel honored ;_____;

MyriVes is one of my favorites.
I also found myself reading Panedemic and Eris threads for whatever reason. I thought it was creepy, but for some reason, my messed up mind liked it. I SHIP EEEEET.
All my pairs are old and crusty >>;

Tsunami/Phasma/Laruku ah, so lovely <3
And Kaena/Fatin always made me silly amounts of giddy.
Itachi and China ;-;

Sebastian x Wayne. <.< >.>
the feels omg....love the dramaaaaaaa

And I will go down with this ship
And I won't put my hands up and surrender....
daisuke and snake.

;.; i never got over them. *sniffles*
I certainly couldn't choose a favorite, but I like a lot of 'Souls couples, heee~

Itachi and China are the most poignant in recent memory~ ;n; Tragic love (with Dexter vibes)!
Vesper and Myrika goes without saying, everybody loves dem ladies. <333
Palaydrian Soul and Aedan de Valence are so delightfully wicked, ahaha. I enjoy their threads!
I would so ship Salvia x TK. ;D
And I'm still pleasantly surprised that Colibri likes a boy, so NierColi all the way. >:D

Older pairings that spring to mind -- Zekius and Gabelaine both rock, heheh.
Caillen Winters and Talitha de le Poer was a tearjerker. ;__; (Especially when thinking of poor Sylvie Ciel!)
Mati Church & Cambria Marino, gosh they were the cutest! <333
Rivaled only by Haven Aatte and Princess Chance~ ;D
Okay also rivaled by Heath morte dre Soul and Ruri Aceline because aww~ (Even if Jacquez was a butt about it!)
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