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Full Version: ScratchPad (Coding Resource)
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So I mentioned this to Katie in the Soulchat the last night, but I thought I'd share this resource for anyone who is having trouble with table codes and needs to ask others for help, OR if you're trying to work with someone on learning and you want to see table coding being changed in real time so you can figure out what affects what.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://scratchpad.io/">http://scratchpad.io/</a><!-- m -->

I know there is a certain number of people who want to get better at coding or find themselves asking for help often so this might be a great site to use for either of these things!
Oh wow how did I miss this in the chat last night? O: Thanks for posting this! should be super helpful for some

I use Google Drive's "Editey" HTML editor (one of the only ones with a preview) for all my coding shizz BUT this is an awesome resource, too!

Def gonna try out this one :)