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Full Version: Trying to join
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Hey there I'm trying to rejoin as a new character (Hecate Rhiannon) but I'm not getting the activation email. I tried posting about it in the discord chat but had to rejoin that, and can't post in there either. I know I have a ban from contests until I make a set to makeup for the disasterous Christmas in July set I was supposed to make and never did, but I didn't think that would affect me chatting on the discord server.
I can't speak solidly for the e-mail issue, but, it might take upwards to 15 minutes sometimes for the e-mail to pop up? Check your Junk Mail as well?

Regarding Discord, you should be able to post in all channels with the exception of #eggplant and #server-rules? I see nothing flagging you (i.e. you don't have a role applied) that should prevent you from posting to the #general chat at the very least? Perhaps you were in the wrong channel?
I checked my junk mail and my other folders. This was.... four hours ago. That's why I was getting concerned. I'll go recheck discord and see, and let you know.
It took five hours to arrive. My interwebs are dumb. Sorry!
No worries! Glad it worked out. Shy We have noticed that the activation emails have been super slow on occasion!