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Full Version: could you find a way to let me down slowly?
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He couldn't sleep and he knew why. He knew that the hours of slugging fresh water from where ever he could find it should have provided the perfect antidote to his insomnia, but it didn't. Instead, the Dane lay awake next to his... his Moon Moon, who slept soundly beside him. He knew what he had to do, but after what happened with Sapient, he wasn't particularly willing to voice his concerns. This was the last straw, however, his days were taken up completely trying to find enough for his family to drink and it was something he knew he couldn't keep doing.

Silver eyes bent into a sad frown as his eyes landed on the pale white face of his beloved. While they were not an official item, the conversation never having been so much as suggested, he regarded her more or less as his mate. He would do anything for her and his daughters, and that including uprooting them from the place they had grown to love.

Moonlight aptly streamed in through the drapes over the window as Mads gently nudged Moon Moon awake, 'Moony, we gotta talk...' he said solemnly.