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Full Version: Sheep herding
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I've had the idea for a sheep dog character for a while and really want to use it. But now that I've researched sheep herding and wool production, its starting to look a little too complicated. For one, the process of actually making something out of wool requires a ton of tools, some of them a little too big to carry around. The idea was for him to be a nomadic shepherd because otherwise there would be no reason for him to wander into 'Souls.

Does anyone here have any sheep knowledge or other helpful advice on how I can make my roaming shepherd idea work without being too unrealistic?
He could have a wagon and horse for the big stuff. :o The horse trained to follow the herd, the wagon itself made into a make-shift shed with his tools and such needed for threading the wool?
That's a good idea. I think that acquiring a wagon would be a little difficult but it's not impossible. I was trying to stay away from horses since I also wanted to have some llamas and because the dog would do most of the herding work himself. Using it just for pulling would keep with the concept I had, though. Thanks for your input :D
he needn't necessarily produce the wool items himself -- maybe he trades it off to someone who then processes it? 83
That's another good idea. As long as he's near a place he can trade the fleece in the spring it would work out. Are there packs here who have all the tools for processing?
I'm not sure of packs but The outpost <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://soulsrpg.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=87">viewforum.php?f=87</a><!-- l -->
May have traders tat would take wool
Of course the family that does trade for wool is prejudice against dogs xD
You could have them be diary sheep, or used as food.
Dairy sheep wouldn't really be practical since there is no way to preserve the milk and any dairy products would also require tools. They will be used for food but using them solely for that might be boring to play xP
You could make this guy have a partner (NPC or/and adoptable) That could or couldn't help with the task of processing the wool or trading it. Like a merchant and a farmer that work together to survive, etc :3
Hm, I was going to give him an NPC buddy just to help with everything. I would rather find a way to trade with other characters, however, so that he has reason to interact with them.
You can always make a gay couple that travels through the country trading their wool goodies for more goodies and, and...
Or this guy could simply wander around with his lambs and shears to get the wool and sell it. It is valuable in its prime state too due to its use as bed, and warm keeper. (Also I believe that in CDA should be someone that could use it properly.)
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.kingbilli.com.au/driving.html">http://www.kingbilli.com.au/driving.html</a><!-- m -->

LLAMAS PULL CARTS. 8D forget the horse, just hitch up two of dem llamallamas and let 'em gooo!

EDIT: also, there used to be a small herd of llamas in Ichika, but I don't know where they are now, or if they got eated up. Buuut if they ARE still around, you can have them breed, trade, be friends. :P
Those are all sitting carts but they could probably pull a light load too! Thats brilliant :)
Oh yes, it says that one male llama can easily pull two full sized adult humans and the cart...that's a few hundred pounds. So if you hooked up two males?! I bet that'd be enough power to pull some tools. ^.^
Who would know about those llamas that used to be in Ichika?
Pooooossibly Saul Stormbringer, aka, Honey! <3

My old character, Tawny, was the one that originally got them and brought them home to her pack...but she vanished and then the pack broke up a short time after. I'll ask around if you'd like. ^.^
Yeah, sounds good. Thank you so much <3
Llamas have also been used for sheep herding/guarding before: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guard_llama">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guard_llama</a><!-- m -->
That's actually why I was going to have the llamas! :D
I dont think I mentioned it so its not your fault x)
Guard Llamas.
OH. Good, now I feel (slightly) less dumb! XD <3
I suppose Asgeir could be a go-between? He has merchant experience, and is less prejudiced against dogs than X'yrin is. In time, perhaps something could be worked out.