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Full Version: [m][aw+] Who questioned the presence of god?
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Can anyone hear us? These cries — these

He was not as bored as his father, for he and Dirge had been sitting in their own little corner, chatting it up with each other for quite awhile now. It was nice to have a nicer brother to hang out with, for he was sure that if he had been hanging out with Spartacus, he would have probably punched the little red-eyed freak in the face by now. Dirge was a pleasant man, and Coaxoch had been glad to have had such a level headed brother, for it seemed that the younger generations had something wrong in their brains. Coaxoch would not have guessed it could have been because they were inbred — simply because he had not ever found out who Helena's parents were compared to Till's mother and father. He never thought to worry about such a thing because it shouldn't really have mattered. He wouldn't have ever thought about it hard enough, just as he had not thought hard about his own genetic relation to Faith when they had co-populated.

Coaxoch smiled to his taller brother, and Coaxoch wondered just where he had gotten his own tallness from. Till was not particularly a small man, by any means, but Coaxoch and Dirge both stood even taller than both their father, and Coaxoch could only assume that Dirge was maybe the same height as his mother, but he had no proof, for he never knew the Red Witch like that. Coaxoch knew that he had met Lillith once or twice, but only remembered that she was tall, but not how tall, for he was much smaller than everyone when he was that little — everyone looked like giants to him.

Coaxoch finished the last sip of his drink, tipping the goblet back to get the very last drops, and he found himself wanting for more. Dirge, too, finished his drink, and then grabbed at his elder brother's goblet.

"I'll go ahead and get us another round, brother."
"Much appreciated, Dirge. I wish I could offer the same luxury to you, but you know..."
"I honestly don't mind, you've helped me out more than enough for me to get you a drink this one time." joked the russet man as he walked off after giving a wink to his older brother.

Dare Coaxoch think that Dirge was his favorite of the Ulrich brothers? He certainly was the most giving, and polite of them all, but Chester also had a spot in his heart, while his younger brothers were all a bit too weird and quirky for his liking. Spartacus and Mekhl were ones that Coaxoch honestly would fight if his father did not stare daggers into his back. It was a blessing that Coaxoch did not have to deal with both of the red-eyed bastards, for Coaxoch would take Spartacus over Mekhl on any day of the week.

Coaxoch looked over at his father as he leaned against the wall and against his stump, waiting for his brother to return with their drinks, and wondering exactly why his father had not moved from his spot aside from occasionally getting up to grab a different type of drink to drown his disappointment in.

screams — will these footsteps be our last?

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