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Not 'Souls related, but finished this lineart a few days ago for a character in my comic concept. :')
(I am definitely more comfortable drawing human characters oof)
[Image: wpF5ncH.png]
oop, and another.
Ahhh <3 I love your art <3
Thank you! Shy

Also, redrew Hosea! I'll colour it tomorrow, but this one is more accurate to his build/age:
[Image: ybMjkBB.png][Image: vYJwmFS.png]
Marking reference for Hosea! :') He do a big ol' s t r e t c h
[Image: EZC5rpN.png][Image: lnizyp6.png]
absolutely adore your art, so pretty! @w@
(big stretch)
Oh geez, thanks guys!! :')

Drawin' up an avatar for this rascal and finished the lineart:
[Image: SXwp0Rl.png]

Aaand finally finished colouring this thing!
[Image: OVGLNzA.png]
These are so lovely Pabs!!! Love the lil rope detail!
Calrian Wrote:These are so lovely Pabs!!! Love the lil rope detail!

AAAAA thank you so much!! :')

Also, finished the lineart for another avatar! Hopefully will be bringing in a secondary soon, and it'll be this boy:
[Image: 03W6nY0.png]

Aaand finished it:
[Image: fScvcky.png]
Finished the lineart, will colour... eventually. :')
(click to see full size bc it's stupid big oop)
[Image: nhlRp5o.png]

EDIT: Coloured the damn rascal. Angry
(same thing though, click to see full size)
[Image: cOQGrhz.png]
Got something drawn up for my bratty baby Butler boy, Sean!
[Image: TQQEZ3y.png]
Oh, uhm, who... could this be...? :')
[Image: jUrMDfE.png]

okay now finished
[Image: E29nZQ6.png]
PAABS These are amazing!! <3 I love Suga's spooky mood and the little bits and baubles! And Sean's expression, HAHA!

Peony/Hosea ;_; look at this sailing ship uwaaaah <3
Whoa, these are great! I really enjoy your linework, it's super crisp.

Peony and Hosea look super cute!
❤❤❤ aaaaaa i love them
AAAA thank you all!!

Finally got to drawing Sean's avatar, which is far more accurate to his actual design than my initial idea.

[Image: IWGtlvV.png]
Finished commission of Aelin for Ems!
[Image: 0ZngOZ5.png]
Finished commission of Seira for Miranda!
[Image: 9IH4qdy.png]

Also, I... :')
[Image: Tu9sCiP.png]
Please, remember me
My misery
And how it lost me all I wanted.
[Image: lo4YV1M.png]
Gotta link this stranger bc too big. :')
But who is she??? :O

Finished colouring Artemisia!

[Image: c9pDqGe.png]
AAAAH Pabs!! That angsty Butler boy hits all the right notes, I adore how you made use of the negative space.

Your avatar is both cute and terrifying lolol

I like this new woman's build a lot! She looks very strong and thick, and the hints of her skin are done really well! But also yes, who is she :eyes:

The new lady is Artemisia, and if I can ever get back in gear, she's my anticipated next character. :')

Some recent pieces I've gotten done:

[Image: xFioLze.png]
[Image: TgiMcHv.png]
[Image: Gl84CQf.gif]
Your art lives in my head rent free *u* That animated gift is so cool!!! And I love the chibi Suga, he's too cute for my soul <3
(22 December 2020, 03:35 PM)San Wrote: [ -> ]Your art lives in my head rent free *u* That animated gift is so cool!!! And I love the chibi Suga, he's too cute for my soul <3

aaaaaa thank you so much omg :') !!

Finished some art of some new guy??? :O

[Image: lxKZTBc.png][Image: xJHC8VW.png]
Little warm-up with Gumbo:
[Image: zoIi3Pm.png]

Also some finished commissions!

[Image: 6QVasFX.png]
[Image: C4hsmOJ.png][Image: 9xe3H2u.png]
Another commission and a ref of my new broody baby boy :')
[Image: vixmBTu.png]
[Image: 1r1Fe9M.png]
[Image: ga3WCil.png]
<3 lovely work as always
Oops it's been a while, here have Sean! :')

[Image: AVE6Gj9.png]
Aaaand Sugabear!
[Image: K4sm8HJ.png]
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