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Full Version: Blast from the past!!
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Hi everyone! I'm super happy I saw your post on twitter, I was just speaking to my partner about if you guys were still active! I used to play Emmanuelle in Inferni, Alessandra in I think Salsola? She then went to the Norse pack. So long ago! I can't remember what my online handle was then, but I go by Daniella now. Shy

So, my question - would I be allowed to use old art I commissioned back in the day for my previous characters for a new character? Just wanting to double check!

And is there a new chat of some sort? I clicked on the chat link and it said the server was down or it didn't exist. Shy
Welcome back!

It looks like your old identity was Ems. Shy

It's your choice if you want to use old art to depict a new character (as long as you have permission to, which you should, if you commissioned it!), but that new character would (obviously) need to look identical to your old one. :O

Which chat link did you click on? All of them should direct to our Discord server now.
Thank you! I can just go back to Ems, that works. Really excited to get back into it!
OOC name changes aren't a big deal, so you can go by whatever! It's easy to update the wiki with your new name if needed. All up to you!