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Full Version: Visions in the flames
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Bodies fashioned out of dirt and dust - For a moment we get to be glorious

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As much as Borya could spend all day hiding away with his books, he also wanted to dedicate time to Tlama. The woman as kind, sometimes too kind as she'd claim to be fine to hang around with Borya all day instead of exploring or doing what she wanted to do. Both of them had urges to go out and see parts of the nearby world, Tlama's was especially strong since her only reason for not continuing her journey a year ago was because of Borya. It was touching, to be loved so much that he was worth dropping a dream over, but Borya didn't want to be a chain on Tlama's life. 

She might find happiness from simply being around him, but Borya also wanted the giant lady to find joy in what she wanted to do as well. 

So the pair would explore quite often. Less restricted by Borya's bad breathing since he could just ride on Zena, the pair could pick anywhere to go and make a few days out of the trip. Fairly safe, with Tlama's large form and confidence in a fight, though luckily so far they'd not experienced any trouble. The goal of each journey was just to find something new; ruins to explore for scraps, a landscape for Borya to sketch so they could remember it forever, or some place of peace that felt fitting to commit to memory as good places to rest. 

They'd found one such place, nestled just past the city of Halifax were dotted buildings of ruin. In a lifetime ago, they were probably farmhouses for the expanding fields around them, but now were just husks of buildings that felt suitable for rest. Upon the hills, there was a glorious sight of the setting sun and the lands to the west. Borya sketched the view quietly, whilst listening to the crackling of fire as Tlama got to work with her mastered craft of making flames and looking into them for guidance.

Echo, a large, lean black wolf with white ear-tips, trotted through the city that was once named Halifax. She turned her head as she entered the ruins, curiosity shone in her eyes when she had looked at the buildings. She had heard of cities like this, but had never seen one, as she spent most of her time in the forest. She found an abandoned building that seemed like it would be adequate shelter for the night, and, as she looked around, froze. She sniffed the air cautiously, as she raised her snout in the air. The scent was faint, but it was there. Two others were here, both of them Luperci. She peered in the direction of the scent warily. they seemed to be far enough away not to be of any concern . . .
Bodies fashioned out of dirt and dust - For a moment we get to be glorious

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Although not born into the same society as Tlama, Borya did find her culture to be facinating and important. He believed in it as well after all, not just because of the giant lady and his feelings for her, but because the stories Tlama told him and the faiths she followed seemed so fitting. Borya would continue to have an open mind towards all forms of spirituality, meaning he'd embrace all kinds of beliefs about the likes of gods, destiny and souls. Tlama's god was no different, and Borya appreciated their natural and neutral nature. 

Though he'd never be as passionate a follower as Tlama, simply because he wasn't born an Ancaran with the wisdoms passed down to him. Still, the young man could appreciate watching Tlama work, staring at the fire lights dancing in her eyes as she stared into the flames. 

"Getting anything?" Borya asked, glancing to the fires himself, unable to see whatever spirits that Tlama could. 

The lady smiled a little and leaned back from where she sat in the dirt. "There's a lot of passing spirits, but that's kind of normal for this time of year. A lot of things are born, so a lot of souls are reborn as well." Tlama blinked back the blur of staring into light, before leaning slightly to look beyond the fire. "But we're not just joined by spirits it seems." She commented with a flick of her head. 

Borya followed her gaze back and also noticed the stranger a decent distance away. It was hard to tell if they were lingering to test the pair's reaction or just passing by. Either way, the two Cavaliers gazed curiously, with Tlama getting up to stand at full height and wave towards the stranger. 

It had gotten windy, and Echo had decided to go search for a better shelter. In her haste to find a suitable shelter she had gotten closer to the strangers than she had thought. She had turned to eye them warily, when one of them waved at her. Dang.

She hesitated, unsure of what to do. She didn’t want to just turn and walk away, they might take that as an insult and to to harm her. Judging from the size of the female, it wouldn’t be hard for them to do so.

Finally, she slinked forward, head lowered and body tense, ready to run if things got unpleasant. Hopefully, they weren’t a threat, but it was best to expect the worse. Just in case.
Bodies fashioned out of dirt and dust - For a moment we get to be glorious

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Borya would always be more wary of strangers than others. With his weak arm on show in its sling, strangers could easily see him as a target, which made every first interaction a guessing game for Borya to see if he was going to be exploited or not. But fortunately, hardly ever was the young man on his own anymore. With Tlama's towering figure and abundance of confidence, Borya didn't need to worry about anyone intending to harm him. His lady had the spirit of a bear in her, Borya knew Tlama would defend him with her life. 

And as Borya trained, he hoped he could defend her as well one day. 

The stranger wasn't approaching at first, so the pair remained neutral and Tlama even lowered herself down once more to crouch by the flames. Eventually however, the loner approached, their appearance coming into clarity as they neared the flames. They were tense, but both Borya and Tlama tried to show they were no threat by not looking directly at the loner and offering small smiles. 

Tlama finally spoke out, "Good evening, you are welcome to share the fire, best way to avoid a cold night after all."

Echo hesitated a second, pausing by the flames. as they flickered and sent shadows dancing across the walls of the ruins. They looked friendly enough, but she knew better than to judge others by their appearances.

She accepted their invitation hesitantly, and sat just inside the fire’s circle of warmth. It was cold out here, the cold wind ruffling her fur, which caused her to shiver very slightly.

She shifted slightly, looking from one to the other, wondering who they were. She wasn’t going to start the conversation though, being alone most of her life meat her social skills were . . . lacking. She didn’t want to accidentally say the wrong thing.
Bodies fashioned out of dirt and dust - For a moment we get to be glorious

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The invitation did seem to work, but the stranger still seemed hesitant. Which made sense; in neutral lands with two others with intentions not fully known. The loner seemed comfortable in their four-legged form, though Tlama seemed to tilt her head a little and hum. The wise woman was taking note of something, Borya watching in facination as his lady worked her usual magic of seeming to just understand everyone from looking at them. She did read spirits in flames as a calling in life, so understanding others was just something Tlama was born to do. 

"You can't shift can you? We must seem pretty intimidating then huh?" Tlama stated, pulling off her bear-skin hood and smiling. "I could shift down if you'd like, making things a bit more balanced?" The suggestion came openly, Tlama wasn't opposed to either of her forms; she remained fairly large and imposing either way. Borya however could only watch along and offer a small smile, wishing he could share Tlama's kind gesture. 

"I-I um... I can't shift back to four legs... my arm." Borya explained, lifting his good hand to place over the sling to demonstrate his reasoning for remaining shifted. Borya would if he could, in a heartbeat. Not just to put the stranger at ease, but because the young man longed to run again, something he'd not done in well over a year. 

Echo shifts slightly, as she looked from one of the strangers to the other. She perked her ears up in curiosity when the other woman figured out she couldn't shift. 'How did she know?' She thought, regarding her curiously. "No, not intimidating." She replied, careful to keep her voice neutral. "And no, I can't shift, I'm not a Luperci." She said, a slight tinge of bitterness crept into her voice, despite her best attempts to keep it out. Many Luperci would wither brag about how Luperci were better than non-luperci, or look down on her when she said that.

She looks up, but doesn't make eye contact, not wanting to trigger anything. Instead, she looked into the flames. "You don't have to if you don't want to." She had managed to keep her voice neutral again. She glances at the smaller male, seeing the sling that held his arm. "What happened?" She asked in curiosity, before she could stop herself. She winced inwardly. That probably wasn't question to ask strangers. "Never mind, sorry, you don't need to answer that." She said quickly, shifting slightly again, redirecting her attention back to the fire.
Bodies fashioned out of dirt and dust - For a moment we get to be glorious

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Tlama's ability of spirits and behaviours always seemed to come in handy, especially when meeting people that would otherwise seem to be blank slates, people Borya would otherwise feel a bit nervous around. She seemed to know what to say all the time, coming across as confident and friendly despite her large and imposing image. Borya liked to copy Tlama's actions a lot himself when around others; he read the large lady's actions like reading a book, and then committed it to memory for use later. When the loner explained themselves, Tlama smiled as if knowing and nodded. "I've seen those who can't shift before... so it's alright... we're all equal, shifter or not." 

Which was something Tlama believed in wholeheartedly, her worship after all was in seeing all souls as something connected and immortal. Lives were shared souls to her people, so with that sharing came equality. 

Borya glanced the strangers way when she asked him about his arm, about to reply until she took it back. Borya smiled slighty and shook his head. "N-no it's alright. I was born with this." He explained, using his good hand to unfold some creases on the sling. "It was weak, and when I shifted for the first time it broke beyond use. Now I can't shift back... so I guess we're kind of similar, aren't we?" Borya offered another smile. 

"I'm Borya." The young man decided to say. 

"And I'm Tlama." His lady added, giving Borya an encouraging smile when he glanced her way.