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Full Version: A shiny coin at the bottom of the wishing fountain
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Optime | Amherst Sector (Salsola Northern Border) | Backdated: March 10th; mid-day | cNPC: Larunda; NPC: Romeo

Read-Only for Argive's new cNPC!
When he had made his travels out towards the borders, he had not expected to actually deal with anyone. His intentions had merely been to search for a particular herb that he knew to have grown in the area the previous spring. An unfamiliar, summoning howl had gone up near his location, and, for a precious beat, the Arbiter had considered ignoring it and leaving it for the Mafiosi or Sotto Capo like the individual had requested. The howl had come from quite a ways out from the Ruins though—between the Garrison and the far docks—and the sense of duty expected of his noble rank made him begrudgingly decide to entertain whatever visitor might have been at the Kingdom's boundary line.

He wove his way through the abandoned, city streets, searching for wherever the feminine voice might have originated from. Eventually he found someone that looked fitting enough.

It was a woman who looked more dog than she did anything else. With the flowy, excess fabric of the hooded, maroon poncho that hung from her shoulders, he couldn't make much of her build, though, from what he could see of her lower half and her arms, she looked petite, though, gifted with feminine curves. The pants she wore were light and cuffed just below her knees. A deep red sash wrapped around her waist, and the ends hung and danced faintly in the light breeze. He spotted a leather pouch too, and the notable sheath of a knife to rest opposite of it. The woman had a tasteful style, he supposed, even if her chord and blue-jay-feathered earrings were a bit much for him. She had short, copper-colored hair that framed a pretty face with smooth-furred cheek bones; large, almond eyes; and a petite snout to go with her small, triangular ears.

The creature—a large donkey—that she fussed over looked well-kept, even if it looked decidedly ugly with its overly long ears and large head. It carried quite a burden on its back; saddlebags that looked full, a sleep roll, and various other things that hung from it or were piled atop its back. Even still though, the creature looked hardly bothered by it all as it dropped its head to munch on the new greenery that had sprouted up between the cracks in the old human road.

“You howled?” Argive asked once he got within conversational distance of the woman.

She looked up, her short hair and earrings bouncing with the movement. Her eyes were a rich burgundy. “I did, she replied, sweeping her gaze up and down his person curiously, “Who might you be, sir?”

His ears twitched at the strange accent to her words. “I suppose that depends on your business,” he countered, raising a brow at her.

The woman procured a letter from her pouch and held it out for Argive to take. “I think this should do the trick?” He took a few steps closer, eyeing her carefully as he took the offered item. He flipped it over twice. The mark of Eris was engraved in the wax that sealed the letter, but, other than that, it looked rather boring and nondescript. No name, no addressee, inconspicuous and average-looking. “I stand at the borders of the Thistle Kingdom, do I not?”

“You do,” he hummed, letting his yellow-green eyes flick up to her. The woman was shorter than him, though, not terribly so.

She offered him a confident, pretty smile. “I’ve been told my merchant skills could be of use to the Queen of Salsola since so many of the pack’s merchants have moved to Portland in recent months.”

“And who told you that?”

“The Governor.”

At the very least, it seemed the woman wasn’t a fraud with a convincing wax sealed note.

“I see. Is merchantry your only skill…?” He trailed, indicating for her to supply a name.

“Larunda Mellon.” The donkey let out a sudden bray, and Argive’s muscles twitched at the unexpected sound and volume of it. He stared coldly at the creature. “And this here is Romeo, my business partner.”

“Charmed,” he greeted flatly.

She continued without missing a beat. “But, no, I can write as well, and have a bit of knowledge in medicine.”

Argive’s gaze flicked back to her with a new interest. “Is that so?”

Larunda nodded, “Mmhmm. My mum was a trader and scholar, and my dad was a doctor, so, I learned or thing or two from him when I still lived under the family roof.”

The Arbiter crossed his arms. “So, it’s in your blood, I see.” His sharp eyes shifted to the donkey as it shook out its giant ears and short, stiff mane. “I’m sure the Governor didn’t just send you with a letter to greet the Queen with?”

“I suppose that depends on who you are, sir.” She smiled.

He stared.

She stared.

“Argive Hemlock.”

“Is there a title to Mister Argive Hemlock?”

His eyes narrowed slightly.


Her smile grew, victorious and too sugary for his liking. “A pleasure then, Arbiter, but, I’m afraid my gifts are for the Queen or her second.”

She had apparently done her homework, unlike some of the others that had shown up at their borders from Portland.

“Very well. We’ll wait.”

“I can show you my other wares if you’re interested?”

Argive considered her for a moment before he eventually offered a single nod and a deep sigh. “I suppose if it’ll pass the time.”

She laughed, patting her donkey’s neck. “Look sharp, Romeo, we have a customer.”

They spoke and conversed until the Erilaz arrived, upon which, the Portland woman procured the gift she'd brought to present as her entrance bribe. He went through her credentials and asked his own questions before eventually allowing her passage into the Kingdom.

Being the one to have found her first, unfortunately, Argive found himself shackled as the unwitting Sponsor to the pretty female, a role that found the Arbiter frowning and the new Associate smiling sharply at him.