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Full Version: Eike's YCH Chibis & Creature Minis
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After dusting off my tablet earlier this month, an army of cute dogs stormed the gates of my brain and I had no choice but to draw a bunch of them — it was either that or death by a thousand licks.

[Image: tinies6921YCHclaims.png]

I have 6 YCHs up for sale at $15 a pop, as well as two YCH creature minis to go alongside your YCH for an additional $5 (or on their own, you do you)!

  • YCHs will have basic color and sketchy shading (example linked below)
  • Expressions, ears, and tails can be changed/modified at no extra cost
  • I love complex designs, and as long as you don't want ref-perfect accuracy, I'll also do them at no extra cost
  • Larger changes, accessories, and complex designs that you want absolutely perfect can be negotiated for an additional cost
  • I use Paypal (USD) only, and payment is due prior to me starting on your art
  • As a heat-sensitive disabled person who's working full time during a heatwave with no AC, please hope for a quick turnaround (for my health's sake), but give me 5-7 days after payment to finish and send out your art

Your Character Here
YCH 1: Jazzy
YCH 2: Juni
YCH 3: Jazzy
YCH 4: Jazzy
YCH 5: Kris
YCH 6: Jazzy

YC(orvid)H: Juni

I'm also open for creature mini commissions! Birds, cats, foxes, and other small critters are $5, with 2 slots open to start. I'm also happy to give something larger, like hoofstock, a shot at a negotiable price point; I don't know what that'd cost yet, but we can figure it out together.

Creature Minis
1: Jazzy

Finished Examples
Look, it's an example!

Please claim your desired YCHs/slots on this thread, then PM me on the forum (Eike, this account right here) or on Discord (NeNymph#6580) with the character(s) you want and your references/a detailed description (some of us don't have art for characters yet, and that's okay, I'll work with you!). After that, I'll send you a PayPal link and I can get to work. :D
I would love to claim #3 (and potentially a custom critter), #1, #6 and #4
Can I claim #5
Can I claim #2 as well as that raven critter?
Of course! All claims are updated! You were all a bit more excited than I was expecting and I'm out of the house rn, but I'll get back to everyone when I get home later tonight. <3