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Full Version: Are ya Chicken?
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“I ain't scared'a no hoodoo nuthin'” A wave of his hands toward Seaborne's heckling should have been the end of it, but it seemed that either one of the parent's raised him stubborn, or he'd inherited one, or both, of their hard heads. It was in that impish grin that Seaborne gave him, a near mirror of the mischievous smirk of his own, that lifted the bar in a challenge, “Don't you go getting' any ideas in that head'a yers,” His smile was growing wider as he could see in the pale eyes that matched his own, a plenty of ideas were growing.

“'Sounds like someun' whose scared would say,” Leaning forward in his chair and skirting his drink aside, the narrow maw eyed his father from across the table, “Why won't you go? Are ya chicken?” A hand pushed him from his table and with hands tucked into his pits and elbows out and flapping', Seaborne started making a ridiculous scene, “Bok bok bok, you scared? Bok bok!”

Wayne all but spit his drink out, just near to laughing as he was at being embarrassed that he'd had the luck of a son with so much damn sass. If he meant to violate his father, well, he was doing a damn good job of it. A tug on the boy's arm brought him down into his chair so hard, the thing nearly tipped out from underneath him, “You look a damn fool,” Nearly wheezing with laughter, he wiped a tear from his eye, “I ain't scared of nuthin', so yer gonna have to find some'un else to take along fer the ride, kid.”

Laughter had eased into a comfortable silence as they both tossed their drinks back and eyes surfed around the room for one such lucky companion. Seaborne seemed eager to get his scared out of his skin but not so bold to go alone, and Wayne was far more interested in watching a bigger group of Ashen threatened with the rumor of a haunting, in order to go at all.

“Hey, what about them?” Seaborne thumbed over his shoulder.

Familiarity found Wayne's eye as he spotted the unaware victim of their little ploy, “Hey, you! Yeah, you! C'mere for a minute!”

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Notch hadn’t been spending as much time at the Ugly Coyote as he used to. The time had dropped off a lot when he and Auger first adopted Dynia, and although he started coming back more eventually, he found that all he wanted to do was be at home with his family. This was especially true after Pirate’s group had chosen to violate their bubble of safety. Maybe it really was an illusion to begin with and they were never truly safe. It was those sorts of thoughts that had Notch wanting a drink. He didn’t want to be drunk, just have a little bit to help him relax.

It was nice to be around pack mates, too. He enjoyed being social far more than Auger did, and Dynia wasn’t all that interested in being out and about right now. It was disappointing since she could shift now. She should be having fun exploring all the things she could do now that she had hands and find what sorts of skills she was interested in. Notch had tried teaching her to sew, but she didn’t seem to have the patience for it yet. Notch understood that. Sometimes he didn’t have the patience for it, either.

He was just taking a drink as someone got his attention. Distracted, he didn’t swallow it as quickly as he normally would and it left a burning sensation in his mouth. Not pleasant. He winced while pointing to his chest, making sure that he was actually who Wayne was talking to. With a grin, Notch picked up his cup and walked on over to Wayne and Seaborne.

“What’s up?” Notch asked before taking another drink, this time without a distracted pause.
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[Image: heashot.png]“Take a seat m'friend,” Wayne responded kindly to the other, that impish look wild in his eye as he fixed his hat with his thumb, “My dear son here says he's got'a challenge fer'ya.”

Seaborne's widened smile had nothing but mischievous intent, and as his sights ran over Notch once, he sized him up, “That there mansion, there by th'Ojos,” He started, leaned an elbow on the table and pointed a figure toward the Elegido, “I bet you can't stay a'night there!”

Wayne stifled a laugh so much so that it came out a snort. Wheezed laughs after shook his shoulder as he shook his head at his son's direct methods, “Boy doesn't have'a nuanced bone'n his body. Offer still stands, though,” A pair of pale eyes rested on the burnt sienna sights of the gray-faced features before them, “Seaborne wants tuh spend a night there yonder, but his lame'ol paw ain't scared 'nuff.”

“That's not true!” Seaborne's sights whipped across from Wayne, back to Notch, “I wanna prove he is scared, but he ain't wanna go alone. Sounds like a chicken tuh me. Don't it, Notch?” Sights traveled from the Elegido back to Wayne.

The coydog laughed, again, “Sure, sure. I'm shakin' in my trousers,” Another shake of his head loosed some of the black strands until they littered his face, “Notch, talk some sense in'tuh th'boy. Ain't no thing such as ghosts.”

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Notch took a seat as suggested and suddenly felt like he was perhaps walking to the guillotine. What was he getting himself into? He glanced in the direction of the house and then back to Seaborne with wide eyes. That place was creepy. He hadn't even considered staying there before for that very reason.

Notch considered saying that there were no such things as ghosts. It probably would have gotten him out of this mess. He felt like it would be lame for him to say no. He still should have gone that route, but did he? No, he did not.

"I dunno, I'm pretty sure I've seen a ghost before," Notch said, leaning on his elbow while taking another drink. "Auger and I had stopped at a little trading post. They had a few buildings, including an inn where we stayed. All night, there was this weird shrieking sound. Didn't sound like any animal I've seen before. We decided to leave during the night and as we were getting the horses ready, we saw it." He took another drink. "This weird white haze appeared, and slowly took the shape of a canine. It shrieked at us, a fur raising sound. And then it just... vanished."

He took another drink while considering the two canines in front of him.

"But, you know, if ghosts don't exist, then it shouldn't be a problem to stay there alone, right?" Notch said with a grin. He wasn't sure exactly how serious they were, but he could probably sneak out partway through the night if things got too creepy, right?
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[Image: heashot.png]Wayne nearly choked with laughter upon seeing Notch's wide eyes, but he managed to stifle it just long enough for the Elegido to explain the words going on behind that expression. There seemed to be a history with Notch and the spectral realm, a tale of a monstrous event where an ethereal being exposed itself to Auger and he. The soot-faced coydog could easily explain that away with enough liquor or lack of sleep.

“Vanished outta nowhere, huh?” Wayne lifted his cup in his fingers and swirled it about, brows raised as he watched Notch take a drink, “You sure 'bout that?” Least to say, he wasn't convinced.

Seaborne on the other hand had hackles raised and a wild look in his eye. It looked as if he'd eaten that story right up. That had Wayne's chair pitched on two legs, watching from the sidelines as the boy got to talking.

“You really saw one? A white haze and a shriek? Really?” His voice was excitable, it was now becoming more than obvious that he was far more interested in seeing his own ghost, compared to hearing stories of one, “What kind of noise did it make?” Lifting his hands in the air, he curled his claws out and snarled, making a threatening sound that his doggish tones could create, “Like that?”

Wayne nearly laughed in his chest at the scene before Notch's tone got to the inkling that Wayne might, in fact, be nervous. The two floating chair legs stamped on the ground and Wayne found Notch with a hurt expression, “I'm startin' to think that th'two a yuh don't believe me,” With a slap of his hand on the table, he got to his feet, “No time like the present, eh Notch?” It had gone from potential entertainment, to a full on approval and sway into action from the Probado, “Well, what'cha waiting on. Finish up yer drink, we gots us some ghosts to hunt.”

Seaborne's expression brightened and a wide smile found his features as he hopped to his feet and eagerly waited for Notch to follow through, “C'mon, Notch! I can't wait to be scared outta my wits!”

“Yer wild kid,” Wayne laughed as he turned away from the table and tucked his chair in with one motion, “Weather's perfect for a scare, ain't it?” The low rumble of thunder slipped in through the door as he opened it, pale eyes seeking the instance of rain that was sure to fall soon, “We better leave a'fore it comes down, 'les ya wanna get wet.”

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Notch had to stifle a laugh at the sound that Seaborne made. It was pretty close, though. He took a drink while nodding. He didn't mind that Wayne didn't believe him. Most of the canines he told about the monstrous thing he saw didn't. At least Seaborne seemed to.

"Yeah! But a little higher pitched," Notch replied. It was always fun to find someone who did believe him and speculate on what it was. Auger didn't really like to talk about it much. Notch thought that the whole thing had been scarier for him than he let on. Notch looked down at his cup when Wayne decided it was time to go. He downed the rest quickly and hoped that he wouldn't regret that later. Or, well, in a few minutes. He pushed his chair back in and followed the other two out the door. Once outside, he let out a quick howl, communicating to Auger that he would be out for a while yet. He didn't want his mate to worry.

Notch definitely didn't want to get wet, so he made sure to keep up with the two luperci he was with. Definitely didn't want his hair to get messed up. It had been a good hair day, or at least Auger had said so when Notch asked him.

"What do you think we'll see?" Notch asked, feeding off Seaborne's excitement a bit. He felt a few rain drops fall and picked up the pace a little bit. He could already feel the alcohol he drank, making him feel both warm and more brave than he would otherwise. This was going to be fun.
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[Image: heashot.png]Notch's howl resounded, a call to his other half, while Wayne and his son filed out with him. Wayne's eye cast up to the sky for another moment, before returning to the small group that they made.

Seaborne was delighted to follow along the older males while growling and snarling, screeching and barking, clawed hands curled like some sort of beast, ready to take it's pray. All sorts of strange noises came out of him as he tried to play at what the ghost must have sounded like, and the boy barely walked so much as he hopped around, even going as far as to growl as a few Ashen that passed, but leaving them with a smile to show it was a game.

“A ghost!” The excited tone of the young hybrid boy resounded, nearly leaping as he responded in rapid fire to the Dandy.

Wayne shook his head and chuckled, “I suspect a'whole lot'ta nuthin', but watchin' y'all get spooked is plenty'nuff enterain'ment fer me,” Arms folded behind his head as he walked, his long legs able to keep pace with Notch's quickening steps with ease, “Maybe a rat. Barn cat? This boy scared out'ta his britches. Seein' how brave Notch is,” Wayne jested in his usual impish manner. As relaxed as he was, he didn't fail to note how quickly they were moving. It wouldn't be long until their paws carried them up to the mansion's doors. He wondered which of the two would be brave enough to head in first.

On the other hand, Seaborne's enthusiasm was only masked in part by a furrow of his brow at his father for being such a killjoy, “Notch, do ya'think we'll know a'ghost when we see'un?” Curious blue eyes reached to the silver haired Ashen for answers. It seemed the proper place to get them, too, since Notch was the only one experienced in the art of specter spotting.