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Full Version: The Only Place Where Everyone Should 'Fear The Premiere'
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There's always a target out on the red carpet,
The flutter of wings flapping to land and sharp talons stretching and clasping into the leather of his glove had been a good sign for him. It had told the wandering pair that they were finally to have a location to travel to. It had been a long month of wandering first to the west and then to the south, as they had found that the whispers had told them that there was only a band of coyotes to the west of New Caledonia, and while he had been looking for a coyote, that was not the pack he was looking for.

The bird had whispered into Vegard's ears, and it spoke briefly of several kingdoms to the southeast, but since the bird did not have much knowledge about what kingdom it was looking for exactly, he found himself in a bit of a dilemma as he continued to listen to the squeaks of the white owl. He looked to Kattegat with his bright coin colored eyes, only to have a puzzled look of amber and ice to look back at him, as she was not the one who was could understand the beast as he had. He did not blame her for not knowing this language, for he had not taught her, and he had been particularly close with the bird for a long time now, and one could argue that they grew up together. "She said that there are several packs to the Southeast and that we should travel that way." he didn't mention that she had also told him that there were many packs, which meant that she likely did not know which was which. He could have expected something like this to happen, if he had thought about it sooner, but he did not realize he had another problem until he was in the moment.

"Will the bird tell us where to go?" Kattegat asked, wondering if the objective of letting the bird wander around for a full month was "worth it". Kattegat had been skeptical about letting the bird figure it out while they figured out the more finer details of their arrival into the Thistle Kingdom.

There likely had been a better way to go to Salsola, but Vegard had been told enough about the joining process for him to know how to navigate the situation of joining. He hoped that the situation of him and Evelyn's passion would also make things be slightly better for it. He was upset with himself for taking so long, for the child(ren?) were likely to be missing out on what he missed out as a pup, and the longer he delay, the longer he was without his future wife and child, should Evelyn want that for them.

He did. He had thought about it all month, and he had found that he was ready for such a life, should their stars be written for so. "Yeah, she'll lead us there." he spoke as he allowed the bird to fly back off and find her perch nearby and he knew then that they were going to depart from the North Shore's shack to find their new home. The male and his small troupe began to pack their things and ready themselves for the journey ahead of them.

They spent most of the day loading up whatever valuables that they could onto their draft horses and once they broke off for lunch, they decided that they would finally leave the shack behind to follow the white owl towards their destination.

"Vegard speech", "Kattegat speech"
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Her success living on her own felt rather minimal, as she had not yet established a safe place to live permanently. Tali found herself leaving a place not long after she had slept there. It was mostly paranoia. She was a target. She was alone. There were risks from every corner and she had never done this, not really. First there had been her home pack, then there had been the band of traders. Which had been a place that was fairly safe, at least, though they had not been overly kind. They had still kept her from dying and she felt some mild form of gratitude for that. Even if they had wanted her mostly as a laborer, they had kept her from dying. A thing she was quickly learning would have happened when she was tossed from her birth pack if she hadn't been found by the group.

Today she was on her second day of staying in a nearby cave that - while small - was sufficient for her current purposes. Though she knew that eventually she would need to form bonds with others - loners forming a group or a group already formed - she was not quite ready for that yet. First she needed to make herself useful. When she found a group to trust at least as far as staying alive with them, she would need to have assets to provide. While her skills were not nothing, if she came to them promising she could hunt game and trade well with nothing in her sack to show for it... they'd have ample reason to disbelieve her.

She had caught a hare the night before and was starting to prepare the parts she hadn't eaten. There was still a hide and bones that could be made useful. Her whittling skills needed some honing but she was fairly good at tanning. It had been one of her tasks in the group since it was not the most pleasant of tasks and required regular attention to really get it right. Though she had resented it when she was younger, she had grown accustomed to it and was glad for it now. Though she doubted tanning was a rare skill, it was a valuable one. There was always prey to be processed in any group.

The sound of wings made her look up and she spotted a snowy owl. An auspicious sign in the summer, her old pack would've said. This time she wasn't sure she agreed, because she heard hoofbeats following it. Someone with horses or mules or donkeys would certainly be able to overpower her if they wished. In fact, it was someones and that was even worse, because two canines could easily take what was hers from her if they wanted it. Tali never trusted that anyone didn't want her property. Everyone was out for themselves, in the end.

Her hands stilled where they had been working the hide of the hare and she raised a hand - the one without the knife in in it - by means of a casual greeting. The kind travelers often gave to one another but not one that necessarily invited conversation. Tali mostly hoped that they would just keep going, but she also thought it might be good to talk to someone. It would be good to get to know others in the area. She would let them decide, though. It was better not to draw too much attention or to be too demanding. Their reaction would also let her gauge at least an initial idea of their general demeanor. The hand that had been holding her dagger continued to hold it, resting against the pelt casually.
There's always a target out on the red carpet,
Vegard had been more than eager to get to their destination at the beginning of their journey, and has the day would drag on, he would find himself becoming less and less enthusiastic about the entire situation. He'd been coaching himself through that was going to happen, what he thought should happen when he was going to show up on her doorstep, but he was apprehensive because he was still very unfamiliar with Salsola as a whole. Yes, they came to New Caledonia's aid, and he had spent a lot of time with Evelyn herself, but he was not familiar with many other Salsolans and could not name any of them by name other than Evelyn herself. The more he thought about it, the more that his hand went to his shoulder to rub it.

After the third time her eyes had caught the warrior rubbing at his joint, the shieldmaiden nudged her Fenrir in the ribs to allow him to move forward a bit quicker, and when she had come up beside him, her long muzzle opened to speak.

"What's on your mind? You are anxious." she was blunt with her words and Vegard looked at her with eyes like aged coins.
"I'm not so sure about Salsola. I know very little, and the intel I was able to get was somewhat negligible. " he began to speak as they rode along, his eyes having been taken off their target's for a moment and given to the shieldmaiden. He sighed lightly before he opened his maw once more to speak to her. "I was wishing to learn a bit more about it, before we were to go to the pack, but luck seems to not be on our side." Vegard's rose-shaped ears turned back lightly on his head as he turned his gaze back towards the road that they travel.

"I think we have seen enough to become allied under them." the collie spoke to him, her own hand going to her dark hair and pushing it over her shoulder. She sighed too, and let Fenrir fall behind lightly as she contemplated how she might be able to make him feel better about the situation. Vegard anxiously rubbed at his shoulder again but his attention was pulled from his thoughts when he saw some movement ahead that was a woman sitting off and working on what looked like a hide in her hands. There was a friendly wave given to him, and he returned with a raised hand of his own and a small smile graced upon his maw.

"Hello there!" he called as they approached closer, but still came to a stop a respectful distance away. Kattegat, too, threw up her hand in greeting, but was much more interested in scenting the air to see what identifiers that she could get, so she had her pink nose to the air. Vegard was much more subtle about his scenting the air, but he did not let his eyes leave the other female. "My name is Vegard, and this is Kattegat." he explained easily enough and with a bit of confidence.

"I apologize if we have interrupted your work. We merely are passing through the area." he spoke to her, hoping to come off politely.

"Vegard speech", "Kattegat speech"
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Bat was relieved when the other canine didn't immediately show any threatening gestures. That was no guarantee of continued amicability, but it was a start at least. There didn't seem to be intention to harm in their body language. As a lone wolf, she had to do the best she could to avoid threats to her person. No one would avenge her if someone killed her; they would probably just loot her body for anything useful and then maybe say a prayer if they were faithful to some god that required it. The last thing she wanted was to be among that kind of statistic.

They maintained a respectful distance, which she appreciated. Though she knew if she had to run, it would be impossible to outpace a horse. A wolf was fast, but a horse was faster. At least in her experience. Also, she'd tire first. Her stamina was more in long distance at a slower pace, only short distances for bursts of speed. A horse could run for a long time. It was a prey animal, it needed to be able to evade predators like her that only had a burst of speed. Presumably that (along with carrying things) was the major benefit to utilizing the equines for Luperci. That and conserving their own energy, of course.

The male greeted her and spoke for the pair. The female was not-so-subtly scenting the air, but Bat wasn't insulted. It was what a canine used to learn a lot about anyone they met. She was doing it herself as much as she could, though not quite as blatantly as Kattegat. "Well met, Vegard and Kattegat. I'm Bat." so far that nickname seemed to slip off her tongue the most often here. It really depended on how she wanted to be perceived. What nickname felt more right in the moment.

"I was just working a hare's hide, nothing of great importance, keeping busy." she said with a shrug. She made it seem casual, even though it really was the difference between life or death; having property to trade would save her if she didn't settle in a pack soon. Perhaps. It was a start on some sort of wealth, even if it wasn't much. "Do you live around here?" perhaps they didn't wish to answer, but it was a very normal question. Probably? Hell, she didn't know the area well enough to be sure. Her ears twitched once with anxiety. Hopefully she hadn't accidentally committed a faux pas.